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Joking around -- 2001-07-02
While I know that woman have it a whole lot worse in the long run, there are times when it sucks to be a guy. Sure, women don't want to hear that, but it's true. Right now it's sweltering here in SoCal and I'm dying in the heat. The worst is when my sack sticks to my thigh. It's like it's been superglued on there and it hurts like a bastard when I walk. I thikn that's why I'm trying not to move around all that much. Fuck this sucks!

I went to go see "A.I." this past weekend. It was damn good, but I think that there will be many people who will hate the movie simply because it's over their heads. I love movies and when a movie comes along that makes you think I say it's a good thing. So many movies nowadays are tripe and are nothing more than time killers. "A.I." is not.

I wrote to a few of my old high school friends last week after I found them on one of those reunion sites. It's pretty cool to hear from the ones that wrote back. The messed up thing is that my imagination is so much better than the reality of the whole thing. I can imagine so many things relating to their lives and what they've done since I saw them last. I konw that the real stories will be much more normal than my crazy ideas.

While looking at my old yearbook I came upon MFC's picture there. I don't know where she is nowadays, and she didn't show up to the reunion to boot. I think back and some of those old feelings come back to me, especially since almost every girl I've been interested in as of late has not been interested in me. I seem to be cursed to always chase the one girl who doesn't like me in that way... only to have a girl who I don't like in that way chase me. Why do things work out like that? It's like someone is playing a joke on me, or something.

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