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Come on, read this thing -- 2001-07-16
Is it possible to like someone more each day that your with them? I like Anne like that, but she's not the only one. I like me more each day too, as well as a whole lot of people.

Sis was a big mess today, which I tried to help with, but I couldn't. I had to literally pull Anne and Sis apart today, even though there spat was slightly on the playful side, it still had an element of seriousness to it. I'm a pacifist, so getting involved physically is outside of my way of thinking. But, there are times when there is something that has to be done because the actions are too much, and have gone too far.

You know, I added this URL to a profile on another website. A site that focuses on helping people find their long, lost high school friends. I looked over some of the entries, and I wonder if I should have done that. Then again, I am who I am, and like Popeye, that's all that I am... so I'm not ashamed of what I write here. On the contrary, this is who I am, lumps and all. Love me or hate me, I'm being perfectly honest with myself. How many people can say that today? I know that I take pride in being able to say that. So yes, if your a former school chum of mine, I say read my entries and get to know the Eric that hides behind the happy and sometimes stoic facade. Believe me, I hide my emotions well, but not on this page. I've found a freedom on the pages of the web. Sure, the web is nothing but electrons and HTML, but it is wonderful in that it can contain a person's thoughts and feelings, and share those thoughts and feelings with the world. For the longest time I've been quiet and introspective. All that looking in is fine, but I also want to look out. I'm doing that, and I'm reflecting what I see, and also looking back and seeing how it has effected me. So, I get the best of both worlds. :)

I had another idea for something I can write, but I can't stop doing the thing I'm doing now. I always get into this trap in which I start a new project before I finish the one I have now. That's why I haven't finished that much stuff. ARGH!

I started this talking about Anne and how much I like her more as the days pass. However, I know now that I can't pursue her in a romantic sense. Why? Baggage... emotional and otherwise. I love her, but at the same time there is a lot of stuff that I would have to contend with if I did try to get involved with her. I think that's why I wish that I could fix everything in her life. That isn't going to happen, which means nothing else will happen. Oh well.

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