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So tired right now -- 2001-08-07
This past Saturday I had breakfast with an old high school friend of mind. I hadn't seen her in some, damn, 12 years. It was nice catching up on old times, but sadly I was half asleep for the breakfast because of we had it at the ungodly hour of 8 in the morning! How do people wake up that early, I ask you? I'm sleepy now, and it's almost 11am. *yawn* My friend, who I'll call Mara, has a couple of kids, but I still haven't found out what the deal is with her marital status. She mentioned a husband, but I didn't ask if he's an ex or current. Hmm, I have to find out.


I hope to get my digital camera in the mail today. I can only hope that it will because I'm really getting itchy about having it in my grubby little hands. I already have plans for some of the pictures I'm going to post on my homepage.

I drove up to Bakersfield yesterday. I'm still worn out from the 200 mile round trip drive, but a little Coca-Cola and I'll be good. OH, and having my new camera in my hand will help me get over it. Still, it was a nice little trip, all things considered.

I need to write some more, but I think I'll take a quick nap because I'm dead tired right now.

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