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A pain in the hand -- 2001-08-28
I had this craving for some Knott's Berry Farm biscuits a few minutes ago. Something reminded me of the smell and it brought me back. I haven't had some of those biscuits in over a year... since the last time I went to Disneyland. I haven't been there in a while because of all the stupid contruction. At least if the new park would have been good I wouldn't have thought twice about driving all the way down there... but the new park sucks. It looks like a total waste of time and more importantly money. Then again, I told myself that if Disneyland was out of the question I could go to Knotts exclusively. I think I might have to make the trip some time soon because I really want those biscuits. A little Knott's chicken would be good too. Mmm, but when? It will have to wait, for now, I can't get away right now.

In other news, no one who I've emailed in the last 2 weeks has written back. What gives? I made the joke to a friend of mine that I must have cooties or something like that since everyone seems to be staying away from me like the plague. :( What gives?

My pinky finger is hurting like a bastard. It's the pinky finger I practically broke about a year ago when I got mad and hit the door jam... I was aiming for something else. I suffered with a busted hand for a month, but it was ok after that. Granted, I think I might have at least displaced it because now if I put both hands up to each other the pinky on my right hand goes out a little farther than the one on my left hand. Anyway, I was talking about how it hurts now. For the last couple of days it's been bothering me, and I don't know why. I haven't gotten so mad as of late to want to punch anything. My Grandma says that the pain comes from the change in the seasons. I tend to believe that now because my bad ankle also hurts, and it didn't up until the same time that my hand started to hurt.

Anne seems to be way sick and she hasn't gotten better. I made her a hot toddy on Saturday, which seemed to help a little bit, but not entirely. Guess she has something more serious than just an ordinary cold. I hope she gets better though. I remember I had that horrible cold a couple of years ago. It didn't let me go, for some reason. I almost missed my high school reunion because of it. I went, with a 103 degree temperature, but I went. Still, I had that damn cold for two whole weeks. I thought I was never going to get better at one point. I finally did get over it, thankfully. But, like I said, it took me two weeks to get over the it, and in reality it was more like three weeks. The last week was spent recovering from the illness. :( Anyway, if she doesn't get any better I'll have to get her to a doctor, since she hasn't taken herself yet.

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