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Hair today, more tomorrow -- 2001-11-03
New month, new haircut. It feels so great when I get my hair cut. Having long hair just doesn't appeal to me at all nowadays. Growing up I had sorta long hair... seeing as it was the style back then. But, now I get my hair cut to the beat of my own drum. LOL OK, so maybe that wasn't so funny, but I liked it.

I've been trying to keep up with the site, adding things as I finish them, but there is just so much more to do. I'm adding pictures as I take them.

Speaking of that, I'm glad I got back into photography. I lost interest in it since that damn Mr. Battle ripped the passion out of my soul. However, I always knew that I would return to it. With this new digital camera I'm able to take all the pictures that I want, and only keep the good stuff. :)

Nov. 7, 2001 - It was a decade ago when Magic Johnson announced that he had HIV. At the time I remember being totally devastated because of what it meant... certain death. However, at the same time I remember talking to a bunch of friends of mine and commenting that if anyone could beat this thing it would be him, because he's a winner and a fighter. Sure enough, here it is, 10 years later and he is fit and strong. He has no trace of the disease and is seemingly in perfect health. I know that it's because of a cocktail of drugs, but I like to think that his spirit doesn't hurt the cause. Watching him on the court I always knew that he would find a way to win. More than often he would. Now I see him as a man who has faced a deadly disease with strength and courage and because of that kept it at bay. There are many people out there who never saw Magic Johnson play, but will know his fight against AIDS.

In other news, life is good. Yea, it is good. Even after Sept. 11th I think that we as a country are in great shape. I only hope that our renewed fellowship is not short-lived. I don't think so, but I can also see a few people getting off the fellowship because it isn't riding high. To them I say, shame on you. The phrase everyone throws around nowadays is if you don't do something you normally would then the terrorist have won. It's become a cliché in a very short time, but that doesn't mean that it's not true. I'm back to doing what I normally did before Sept. 11th because it's 1) the only thing to do, and 2) if I don't, I'll drive myself crazy worrying about an attack that might never come.

I'm in the mood for something sweet, but I don't know what. Maybe it's a who? LOL

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