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Foggy days and Mondays.... -- 2001-11-05
I'm so glad that we had some of those little chocolate frosted donettes in the house tonight because I had a hankering for some chocolate. Mmmm, chocolate. Actually, I have a lot of chocolate in the house right now. I say that because I sometimes don't have a single piece of chocolate in the house. Right now, however, I'm overflowing in chocolate goodies. :) But really, is that such a bad thing? I think not.

I've been thinking of updating the layout of the webpage, but I don't know 1) what I want it to look like after the update and 2) when I can find the time to do this make-over. Well, all in due time, I suppose.

That son-of-a-bitch George Lucas... I just saw a preview of the next Star Wars movie on the local news and I hate to say it, it looks so cool. I say son-of-a-bitch Lucas because he got me to go to see the first with a cool preview a year before it came out. Sadly, that movie sucked big time. It was Star Wars, but in a way it also wasn't. I hate that he now says that the first movie was a set-up for the next two movies. I don't want a set-up movie that sucks. I don't want a movie that is basically act I of a good movie stretched out to two hours. Sadly I think that's the way Lucas is looking at this trilogy, and that's bad. The first time around the movies prety much could stand on their own. Granted, there is a arc running through the later two movies that started in the first, but it is possible to see what is now known as episodes five and six on their own and still be treated to good movies. I just hope that that Jar Jar Binks is nowhere near episode II because if he shows up I'm walking out of the movie and asking for my money back.

It's beginning to look a lot like winter, a SoCal winter anyways. Don't know what a SoCal winter is? Well, it's basically temperatures in the 70's and morning fog. I love these kind of days if only because they make for great pictures. Actually, I like summer days, but I love the fog. I love the eerie, and mysterious, nature of the fog. I love how it lies, like a huge white blanket, over the city in the morning. On my way to the west side I go over the hill and around Sunset Blvd. I hit this wall of fog in the morning. The sun is gone and the sky is bathed in white. It's like cotton, and I almost think that I can reach up and touch it... if only....

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