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Holy Smurfing Smurf! -- 2001-11-10
Why must I always get phone calls the second I'm going to sit down and eat!! It's a smurfing conspiracy I's tells ya! It never fails that whenever I'm seconds away from picking up the fork the damn phone rings. I thank my answering machine for saving me the trouble of having to pick up the smurfing phone all the time. Still, I wonder sometimes if there isn't a camera in my house and people are watching me to see when I'm going to eat in order to call and interupt me. The phone sucks!

OK, before I go too far, I think I need to explain the use of the word "Smurf" in this entry. In an attempt to cut down on my casual cursing I'm going to replace those words with the word "Smurf." I got the idea from an old SNL sketch. But, better yet, I get to say the word smurf a bunch of times a day... how great is that? LOL

My TV is scaring me because it seems to be on the fritz, but not entirely. For the last few days I've turned it on only to have it shut itself off, and then turn back on again. I'm thinking that I'll have to take it into the shop pretty soon. :( Damn, yet another expense. Still, I can't live without a TV for too long (though there are a bunch of other TVs in the house). Still, I so don't need to spend to get it fixed right now. :(

And right now I'm dead sleepy so I'm going to get some sleep.

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