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A hungry belly & a busted TV -- 2001-11-17
For some reason the last few days I've felt rather hungry even after eating. Like the other night, I had just had dinner and yet an hour later I was hungry again. I was so ready to raid the fridge to get a snack because my stomach was growling, but I didn't. If it hadn't been so late I would have raided the fridge big time. Actually, there wasn't much in the fridge, so I probably would have gone to Tommy's Original... they never close. Hey, I didn't do that the other day, but I might get some Tommy's tonight. Mmmm, now that sounds like a great idea.

To top everything my TV went on the fritz a few days ago, and was showing a need to get repaired. The problem it has is basically that I turn it on and it shuts off instantly. After about a minute the picture comes on and everything is fine. My grandmother wondered why I didn't just buy a new TV... as if it was that easy. I grant you, my TV is eight years old, but it's still a good TV. Would I like to buy a new TV? Sorta. For one, I can't afford a new digital TV... which is what I would get instead of a regular TV. And, two, I love my Sony XBR. It's a cool TV, super sharp and with picture in picture. How could I not love such a television?

What a day for my TV to go on the fritz. Tonight has been nothing but great movies on the tele. Just finished watching The Big Sleep. I popped some popcorn earlier tonight and watched it. Now Out of the Past is on and I'm thinking of watching that all the way through. As a matter of fact, why am I writing this while a great movie is on? Rhetorical question of course.

At the same time I'm ready to take that ride to Tommy's. I'm not sure I'm quite up to that tonight... but maybe...

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