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One step back -- 2002-02-24
I'm trying to play this whole Talia thing cool. What I end up doing is playing it by ear... but, I don't think that's a bad thing. In the past trying to plan everything is what I think caused problems... mainly me being alone.

At the same time I step away from the situation and I see Talia a little differently. How do I see her? I see her as someone who is playing me for all I'm worth. She's come on to me, and then like a yo-yo she moves away. So, I can't help but wonder where this relationship will go, and is going. I hate to say it, but it seems that it's going nowhere. And, I doubt it will go anywhere past just hanging out. While that has its benefits, at the same time it also has its drawbacks... though if I casually think about it, I don't readily see the drawbacks. If I really took more than a few seconds to think about this whole thing I think that I might find a whole list of drawbacks... however, I don't want to think about those.

My sunglasses broke on my way home yesterday and today I had to drop $75 on a new pair. Rayban changed my old favorite, the Wayfare, and added a spring hinge. I wish that the old Fedco store was still open, I would have been able to get the same glasses for about $40 instead of $75.

I so can't grow a beard. Not being one of those hairy guys I have never been able to grow a beard. Right now I haven't shaved in about a week and a half. Nevertheless, I'm no where near having a complete beard on my face... so, I think I'll just give up this whole beard idea and just shave everyday from now on. It just hurts so much that it sucks to shave. However, that new aftershave balm I got for X-mas seems to make my face feel way better than without it. I just wish that it didn't have a scent.

Well, best make this short, I have homework to finish.

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