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A bunch of subjects -- 2002-02-26
Michael, the small bird that I also named Emerald, came hoping by the window today.


We thought that he wasn't around anymore, or that something happened to him, because he hadn't come to the window in a long time. I guess he was just away. Being that he's a bird he does have the ability to fly around.

To be able to fly around must be so great. I'm sure that if I could fly I wouldn't stay around once place for very long. If I didn't like a certain branch I'd fly off to another. Or how about flying up as high as I could and then divebombing towards the ground, only to pull up just before I hit the ground.

Today I woke up way sleepy. When I finally woke up I thought about getting something done, but then I didn't get anything done. I just feel so lazy right now.

Who know who I think is really cute? One of the designers from the show Trading Spaces, Genevieve Gorder. So is Michelle Williams.

I noticed that I have a short fuse today. Everyone's stupidity is really getting to me. I think that I'm just sick of having to deal with stupid, inconsiderate, people all day long. If they aren't being careless, they're being dumb. If not dumb, then just plain moronic... it sickens me!

Back to this Talia thing for a second... I thought about it and there is no way I'm going to call her again. I'm through with being a pawn in her little game. However, in talking to her yesterday I found out a few things that explains why she acts like she acts. To make a long story short, she told me that she didn't have many friends in high school. She also told me that she felt left out, and lonely. Which, now that she has blossomed a bit, she likes this power she has over men, because she's never had that. Like all new 'powers,' there is a point that people can't restrain themselves from using them too much. At that point they become megalomaniacal, and forget, or don't care, how their actions hurt everyone. That is to say that I'm hurt, but not too much. Just a few scratches, nothing too serious. So, I'll lick my wounds and move on... all the wiser for the experience. Good-bye Talia.

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