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'Slightly Off' Day -- 2002-03-18
Today was one of those slightly off days for me. It wasn't anything big, just little things were off. Case in point, I was walking to my car and I walked to a part of the parking lot that was no where near where my car was. As I walked to where I though I was parked it suddenly hit me, I was on the other side of the lot. There were a lot of little things that went like that. I went to visit a former professor of mine because I left him a few of my stories, and he was going to give me his opinion, and also some insight as to whether it's good or not. Well, he wasn't there. In class I got my test back from last week and I only got a "C." That sucks because I was sure that I was going to get a high "B." That's OK, because it was a good "C" and I'm within striking distance of a good grade. It makes sense that today started out so great. Everything seemed to fall into place. The drive this morning was great. There was hardly anyone on the freeway, I guess because everyone was recovering from getting drunk yesterday.

Another thing I notice that was off was my typing. I'm not the greatest typist in the world. I make some mistakes even though I do type fairly fast. My biggest mistake is spelling that as taht sometimes. I always catch it, and it's funny, now that I tired to make the mistake on purpose I couldn't do it. Anyway, there are a couple of other words I mistype, but I won't go into that now. What got me today is that I was totally making stupid mistakes. Mistakes I don't make. Words were totally out of wack, and this despite the fact that I was on the home keys. I've made the mistake of not being on the home keys and typing words wrong, but this was way different. Not only were the letters out of sequence, they weren't even the letters I wanted to type. It's like my brain knew which keys I wanted to hit, but my hands hit different keys. Even right now, as I type this, I notice that there are times when I'll hit a key that's not even what I was thinking. I think that I just need to concentrate on what I'm doing instead of trying to do two, or more, things at once. Which, I suspect, is the reason why I wasn't getting things right today.

Class was OK. I promised my friend Goose to get a picture of the couple of cute girls in the class so he could put a face on who I'm talking about... but no luck. Maybe on Wednesday.

On another subject... Do I come off as gay? (Rhetocial question, I guess) Michelle was telling me the other day that the first time she met me she thought I was gay. What gives? I don't have anything against being gay, I'll say what everyone says, I have gay friends. Still, why does it seem that people are telling me that they thought I was gay? Come on, I'm so not gay. LOL OK, that last sentence, if read the way it came out does sound gay, but still, I'm not gay.

PBS was running Anne of Green Gables, the sequel this weekend. I remember watching that for the first time in the late 1980's... something like 1988 or so. I'm sure I'm wrong, but that's a pretty good approximation. Anyway, I mention this because it reminded me how much in love I fell with the story of Anne Shirley. I had never known such a person in my own life, but there in the movie, and in the books, I found a person who didn't really exist, but who I wished was real, and near me. The whole thing gave me an idea for a story, which I wrote last year, but had been stewing inside of me since I first saw the original Anne of Green Gables movie. Megan Follows, if you ever read this, I wanted to tell you that I loved your portrayal of Anne Shirley. I've seen other adaptations of the books but the one you were in was the best. It was the only one that, for me, was able to capture the essence of the books, which I read after seeing the movies. I had the biggest crush on you too... I know, stupid.

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