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Off kilter -- 2002-03-22
I was on the bus back to my car the other day, reading my book, when I realized we were almost to the lot. In those few moments my mind began to think. First thought was of how good it was going to feel to get home. I had a bad day in class because I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I was off kilter, way off kilter. Lesson for the day, never wake up early.

The second thought that came to mind was how cute the girl I'll call Cute C for now. She paid my new glasses a complement, and the proceeded to take them off my shirt, and put them on. She looked really good in them, but I was playing it cool. My motto with women now... just play it cool boy... real cool. That moment definitely took me out of my bad mood. However, I had to rush out of there because I was starving and I wanted to get home. That was more important to me than doing a little flirting.

My third thought had to do with children, for no particular reason. I know I'm not going to have a child, but the more I see the mistakes from friends who do have children I understand that you can't pin your dreams on your children. Your dreams were different from those of your parents, what makes anyone think that your children are going to have your same dreams? It frustrates me to no end, to the point that I just want to go up to parents, who push their children into things that they don't want to do, and punch them in the face. That would be so great, but I doubt that someone that thick could understand where I'm coming from.

I got in my car, turned up the tunes and tuned out all these random thoughts. Ahhhh! I got home and did the same while I ate lunch.

Last night I was watching the second part of Anne of Green Gables the sequel and it reminded me how much I loved those books, and Anne as a character. They have inspired more than one story idea from my head. However, there is still one idea that I've never been able to write, though the idea brought forth a different idea for a story I did finish. It's given me more fuel to get this book done already. I want to start this new story idea, but I can't commit myself to it until I'm done to this project. In the past I've tried to write two stories at the same time. Eventually that caused me to concentrate on one story and not the other. Of obvious reasons that sucks because both stories suffer for it. So, until I'm finished with this story I can't think of any other ideas in depth. I'll just write the ideas down and come to them later.

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