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Benny Hill, episode 2, and 127 IQ -- 2002-06-03
I went to the market the other day and I was carrying some melons, which reminded me of Benny Hill. Why, you ask? You know how on the old Benny Hill show they always had two melons, with cherries in the middle, suggesting a pair of women's breasts? Yeah, for some reason picking up those melons put that image in my head. I was laughing, but not too much because I'm sure that everyone around me would think that I'm some insane guy laughing at the top of his lungs for no reason.

You know, I miss the old Benny Hill show. It used to air locally on channel 9, but no more. Now I see the commercials for the Benny Hill tapes, but I can't buy those. I want to see the old episodes the way they used to show them, not all cut up into montages. Hey, maybe I should do some time traveling and go back to when the shows originally aired. Can't forget to take a VCR so I can tape the show. Oh, and plenty of video tapes.

On the subject of Star Wars Episode 2... I know I wasn't talking about that, but I was just talking to my cousin about it and it made me think about it. George Lucas has a lot of great toys to work with nowadays. He can make beautiful looking movies. It's just too bad that he can't write a good movie anymore. I couldn't stand Episode 2, and this despite the fact that I so wanted to love it. Even the Yoda fighting scene at the end was tainted by the fact that the rest of the movie SUCKED!

I took one of those online IQ tests on Emode yesterday. Of course I'm happy that I am the proud owner of an IQ of 127 (according to emode). Yeah, right, then why am I having so much trouble in my stupid classes this semester? Speaking of, my class went up to the local mountains today to have a nice little nature hike to look at some shrubs and plants. It was fun to get out of the norm. I haven't been out to a park in a long ass time. I missed it. I got there early and sat in my car listening to Billie Holiday and reading. It was really cool.

I called Talia on Sunday. I know, I said that I wasn't going to be doing that, but I felt that the last time we talked things went well. I felt that we moved on, at least I did, from wanting to go out with her. I'm perfectly willing to be her friend, if nothing else, at this point. Why? Because I do like her as a friend. Besides, I'm not sure that I want to deal with the baggage that she carries.

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