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Ah memories -- 2002-06-16
The cable channel TV Land is currently showing the old Batman series from the 60s and I'm drooling every time Catwoman Julie Newmar shows up on the screen. When I was a kid they used to show the old Batman shows here during the day. Summers were filled with so much cartoon watching as well as the Twilight Zone at noon. But, back to Julie Newmar. I tell you, as a young kid, all of 7 years old, I didn't know much about sex. I didn't know what it was. Nevertheless, I found myself putting my toys down every time that Julie Newmar came on the screen. I tell you, I was totally enamored with the way her body looked. Good God I found myself just staring at the curves of her body. Batgirl Yvonne Craig also had me spellbound with the curves of her body. I guess you can say that I was horny youngster. So, what's changed, right? LOL

Julie Newmar

I need a hair cut. I've let my hair grow out but now I'm ready for some serious cutting. Summer is here and the heat is going to cook me straight up. That and I can't comb my hair when it gets long. If I let it get longer it might be a little bit easier to comb, but I rather not even have to bother with it. Besides, I don't like having long hair anymore. I used to have some pretty long hair, but no more. I like it short nowadays.

Yoplait has this yogurt in a tube called Go-Gurt that comes in root beer float and banana split flavors. They are so great, but those tubes are way too small. I don't know why Yoplait doesn't have these flavors in their regular size cup. Well, I guess I do know, they can make more money selling them in small tubes instead of cups. Sucks!

During the winter I don't want to take off my shoes at all. But, right now, as I write this, I want to throw off my shoes and put them away for the summer. One second, I'm going to take off my shoes. Problem is that I don't like going around bare footed. I absolutely hate walking around in bare feet. Something about walking around without shoes makes me uncomfortable. I've never been able to walk around in bare feet, even in the house. Thankfully I found a pair of shoes that are not quite shoes, but allow me to still feel sorta bare footed. They are made by Timberland, but I don't know what they are called. Hold on, I'll check. Well, the box didn't help me much, it doesn't even have the name of the shoe... just a style number. Anyway, they're cool. And, I think that for the rest of the summer they are going to be the primary shoes that I wear.

My current crush count? Zero. For the first time, perhaps every, I don't have a single crush on anyone. Now, is this a good thing, or a bad thing? I consider it a good thing. I was in danger of getting a small crush on this girl from one of my classes this semester, but thankfully it turned out to be nothing more than a slight interest in getting to know her. She's cute, and something about her does make me want to keep in touch with her. I'm thinking of emailing her some day this week. However, if nothing materializes from that acquaintance then so be it.

In the case of Talia, the crush that I had on her is gone. She is at most a friend with benefits, but little else. I know that we won't be much more than friends, but there is a sexual tension there. Trying to figure Talia out is not easy, but I think that I can sum it up pretty fast. She feels that she has to put out sexually to entice men because she doesn't feel attractive. I know that nothing I say to her is going to change that about her. And the sad thing is that I do like her.

One last thing before I finish up this entry. I just finished eating but a taste from the past came to mind. There used to be a place at the old Sherman Oaks Galleria called Mexican Dan's. At least that's the name I remember it having. It was a mexican fast food joint. They had the best beef enchiladas. That taste just came to mind for no good reason. Mexican Dan's is gone now. The old Galleria is now mostly office space and a megaplex. There are some restaurants, but most of those are sit down. The fast food there is pretty standard. The old food court at the Galleria was pretty good, as far as my 14 year old palette was concerned. I used to roam the whole food court since my mother worked at one of the stores at the mall. One day it would be Mexican Dan's, the next Hot Dog on a Stick. My favorite, by far, was the New York deli. Man, did that place have some great sandwiches. And, they had this chocolate mousse cake that was to die for. Damn I had some great meals in that place. Some of the best breakfasts I ever ate were at the Galleria too. There was this Belgian waffle place that had some great waffles covered with fruit, and even ice cream. When the place closed down my mother went out and bought a waffle iron to make us the same kind of waffles that we used to have at the Galleria. Man I miss those days. I didn't have a care in the world, and I was ignorant to the ways of the world. Ah memories.

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