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Nature takes its course -- 2002-07-20
The other day a bird fell out of his nest and landed by my window. I tried to help it out, but nothing I did seemed to work. I tried putting it back in its nest, but I couldn't reach it. I tried to feed it, but I didn't have anything that it wanted to eat. That was Tuesday. Yesterday (Friday) I was sweeping up out front when I found the bird in a flower pot. It was obviously starving, and it was not very clean. I didn't think to what I told myself on Tuesday, which was basically, let nature take its course. No matter what I do, the laws of nature prevail. It's perfectly natural for a baby bird to fall out of its nest. And, to that end it's natural that it would die soon after that. But, I acted on instinct and took the bird inside to try to feed it something. It didn't want to eat anything.

dead bird

This morning I went out early to do a quick errand, and when I came back the bird was already dead. I left it outside in the cage hoping that his parents would come and feed it. They fly around right outside my window, and yesterday when I left him they did bring him some food. But, the poor thing was too far gone. I knew on Tuesday when he fell that it would eventually die. However, after I put him back in the trees I had hope that maybe the bird's parents would feed him. I guess they must have, but the little bird was moving around and it got away from them. I think I might have to get some bird houses and put them up next year.

On a entirely different subject... I really hate answering the phone nowadays. The occasional telemarketer isn't as daunting as the friend that interrupts at the worst possible moment. Like how does everyone know the exact second that I'm about to eat dinner? It almost never fails, as soon as I pick up my fork to start to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, the phone will begin to ring. It's so frustrating. The current culprits are my friend Wolfgang and Michelle.

Wolfgang always seems to call right when I least wish someone would call me. And, worse yet, he speaks like he's 10 feet away from the telephone receiver. I strain to listen to what he says. Sometimes I ask him to speak up, but then after a few seconds he returns to his low volume. After that I just forget about it and I laugh whenever there's a pause in his side of the conversation. I have no idea what he says about 90% of the time.

And there's my friend Michelle. Most of the time she's cool, but then there are times when she calls and then doesn't talk to me. What's up with that? Why would someone call someone else in order not to talk to them? OH well.

Speaking of Michelle, the other night I gave it to her straight. I told her that she was very rude, and other problems she has. I don't think she liked it, but I think it's time she know how others see her. She is growing up with a false sense that she is entitled to anything and everything. No one is entitled to anything in this world, but she doesn't quite understand that. I'm trying to be her guru through this life journey, simply because I don't see anyone helping her out.

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