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Sad news about Chick Hearn -- 2002-08-03
Chick Hearn was hurt and is in the hospital. The doctor that operated on his brain hemerage doesn't think it's very likely that he will ever announce another Laker game ever again. I'm near tears right now because Chick Hearn is Laker Basketball. He's been the voice that I've grown up with on the radio and on TV. Before I had cable I listened to every Laker home game on the radio. His word's eye view of every second of the game was like watching the game in person.

Tonight it looks very likely that Chick will not do another Laker game ever again. Here's how the LA Times put it.

Chick Hearn, the Lakers' beloved announcer of 42 years, probably will never call another game after undergoing two brain surgeries Saturday, his doctors said. "I'm very concerned with his speech ability and feel it is very likely he will have difficulty speaking," said Dr. Asher Taban, who performed two craniotomies on Hearn on Saturday at Northridge Hospital Medical Center to control brain hemorrhages suffered during a Friday evening fall. When asked if Hearn's announcing career was over, Taban said, "Unfortunately, that is probable."

Tonight, I just hope that he's well, and that he recovers. I'll miss his word's eye view, but I rather see him recover and be fine than to have it end this way. If he doesn't make it, I know that I'll be crying more than I am right now.

I've been a fan of the Lakers for going on twenty years now, and Chick has been there every step of the way. The saddest moment that I've had to deal with as a Laker fan was when Magic Johnson announced that he had contracted HIV. As horrific as that moment is, this moment has eclipsed that in my heart.

I think of Chick as timeless. He's always been there, and I guess I thought that he always would be. All good things come to an end, and all glory is fleeting. I only wish that Chick's career didn't have to end under such sad, and tragic, conditions.

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