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New and old -- 2002-10-31
Looks like my computer monitor has kicked the bucket. :( Here's a picture of my desktop, and the color it was displaying. The color is way annoying. My eyes hurt from looking at this monitor for the last hour. :(

So, I dropped a few bills and got one of those flat monitors. I just bought it on Amazon, which had the best price. So, I'll have to suffer a couple more days while they mail it to me. I can't wait, looking at this screen is really making my head hurt.

A blast from the past came around again. Michael, the small bird that came around last year seems to have come back. I tried to take a picture of him today, but he was moving around too fast. All the pictures came out blurry.

School is going well. There isn't much else going on. I've been talking to that girl that I kinda like in one of my classes. She's really nice, and I do find myself thinking about her more often. I'm still feeling the situation out, but if I get a good vibe from her I want to ask her out. I got a little ahead of myself today because I was thinking of where I might take her on the first date. Hell, I haven't even asked her out yet but I'm already thinking of where to take her. What a mess I am.

Due to a lack of time to meditate I've been a little on edge lately. Then again, people suck. Case in point. Today I went to the market. Not my usual market, but rather a market that I hate going to. My Grandmother needed to go there, so we went. Still, the parking situation sucks there. This idiot woman jammed her car in front of me as I was waiting for someone to get out of their parking spot. I tried to move my car so she wouldn't be able to get in front of me, but she simply had no regard for the fact that I was waiting right next to that spot. Two other cars got in front of me, as they were getting out of the handicap spots, which caused me to lose the spot. I was furious. I wanted to ram my car into hers. But, of course, I thought better of it. I wanted to do something to her stupid car, like take the air out of her tire, but then I felt that I would be no better than her. I did want to punch her, which I didn't, of course. I seriously need to spend some time meditating tonight before I go off and punch someone in the face.

I can't find a decent cordless phone, anywhere. The phone I have now sometimes doesn't work very well. Yet, it's still better than the phones I've seen in the stores. I went to Fry's, which has a billion things. All of them pretty damn cool. All the cordless phones in my price range bite. They're all these flimsy pieces of crap. They weigh nothing, and I'm sure that their price is not worth the aggravation of having to get a new phone in less than a year. Why buy a cheep phone only to have to throw it away in six months? I rather get a good phone in the first place. But, I think that I'm not ever going to find the phone I want, with the features I want. It bites.

You know, TV really sucks right now. I hardly ever watch the networks. The other night, as I was watching the Lakers lose in Portland, I accidently pushed the recall button on my remote control. The TV jumped to to ABC. The only show I watch on ABC is The Bachelor. But, what I jumped in the middle of was something called Life with Bonnie. The show is absolutely the worse. There wasn't a single moment that I even came close to laughing. I clicked the recall button again and got back to the game. During a break in the game I pushed the recall button again, and found a new some on. I gave it a change, but it sucked too. These are supposed to be comedies, but they really do suck.

But, thankfully there are some good shows. Last night I was watching , which was way funny. I could hardly breath I was laughing so hard. Now that's a good show. I'm definitely going to watch it again.

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