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Remodeling -- 2002-11-03
I'm tired. But, it's a good tired, because I got a few things done today. I used getting a new computer monitor as an excuse to do a little remodeling of the old room. I'll have a lot more room with a flat screen monitor, so I moved a few things around. And, I moved my desk and cleaned behind it. Man, was it dusty. But, now it's not. There are still some things that need to be fixed, like my speakers, which I moved. I didn't like them in their new position, so I'm going to move them closer to where they used to be. Again, thanks to the new monitor I'll be able to put them farther apart. Not too much, just about six inches. I know, this is boring, but it's what's going on here.

Went to see Jackass, the movie, last night with a friend. Man, it was so funny. I cracked up so hard that my sides where hurting. There were some really gross things in the movie, like a lot of vomiting. There was one scene that made me retch. Still, as I nearly hurled I was still laughing. Now that's a good movie. During part of it I felt that it was getting long. However, when the end did come, I was feeling sorry that it was over.

My friend Michelle wanted to go see it, and I was going to go with her, but maybe it was better that I didn't go with her. She has this thing about people vomiting. Hey, like I don't? But, her fear goes way father than mine. She doesn't even want to hear that someone vomited. When my Grandmother was really sick, and vomiting anything that she ate, Michelle would ask me, "Did your Grandmother vomit in the car?" She did a few times, but I always told her no. If I didn't, she wouldn't have gotten in the car. She's that paranoid of vomit. I'm not a big fan of it. I really hate it. How the hell did I get on this subject? Let us change the subject.

I talked to my friend Goose about the two girls I'm attracted to in one of my classes. She's the blonde girl that hardly says a word. I don't know that she's said much more than a mumble here and there. She's cute, though not usually what I like. I don't mind blondes, but I like brunettes more. The conversation turned to how I could talk to her when she hasn't given me an opening to try and start a conversation with her. Most of the time I can start a conversation with someone, no problem. Yet, for some reason I haven't with this girl. The other girl, who I have talked to a lot, seems really nice. And, she's brunette. I absolutely love her hair. She wasn't in class last time, and I missed her. I'm thinking that's a sign that I like her more than I've let on to myself.

Back to the subject of the remodeled room. Right now there isn't much I can do to my room. Once I get the new screen I'll be able to put up my speakers, and throw away a few things. I have too much junk in my room. I could fill a couple of trash cans and still have something left for a forth. I need to throw a few things away.

It's easier said than done, I'm a bit of a pack rat. I still have quite a few of my childhood toys. I have two drawers full of old toys that I don't use anymore. My desk is fully of stupid stuff that I never use, and don't want. I think that next week I'll throw a few things away.

The color of this screen is getting to me, so I'm going to stop writing now. I'm sure there's more to say, but I'm tired, and this screen is really getting to me.

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