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Everything sucks! -- 2002-11-06
I was absolutely dead in class Monday. Man, I was falling sleep in one of my classes. It fuckin sucked. We were going over something that we had to deal with when the class started. That was weeks ago. At least it wasn't all that hard.

My trouble began in the morning when I woke up with a headache. Not only my head hurt, but my neck, and my back. I'm thinking that my head hurt because of the paint smell in my room. I didn't paint my room, but I did paint the two cases that I hung up in my room. The cases are currently filled with Donald Duck stuff.

Every thing sucks! Everyone sucks! Why do I say that? Because it's true. Every time I go out there's some idiot that drives me crazy. It's getting to the point that I can't stand anyone doing anything slightly wrong. It's driving me up the wall. I see too many imperfections very day. I'm too critical.

I hate nearly every TV show. I can't stand anything on the networks. Every show completely sucks. I'm glad that I have cable because I would shoot myself if I didn't.

Censorship sucks. I hate that my favorite radio show is constantly butchered by censors. I hate that every station on the dial sucks.

I hate that my belly is getting bigger. I hate that I'm getting older. I hate when people use me. I hate that I'm trapped. I hate that every girl I like doesn't like me. I hate that every girl I don't like sticks to me like a barnacle to a ship. I hate that I haven't meditated in a long time. I'm off center.

Today I went to the mall, something I don't do but two or three times a year, to look for a few shirts. I can't find a shirt that I like. What the fuck is it with these clothes companies that makes them think that I want to be a billboard for them? They should be paying me for wearing clothes with their logos on them. I just want a regular t-shirt. I don't need anything on the front of my shirt, not even a pocket. I'll never find a shirt I like. Clothing sucks!


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