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la peanut butter sandwiches -- 2002-11-19
OK, there are a bunch of little things happening. First, I met up with Talia on Monday. I don't know what to make of her, but I can say that I don't like her like I once did. When I first met her I liked her from the get go. I thought her wacky, stand-offish, attitude was kinda cute. But not any more. To back up a little bit, Talia called me on Sunday. I was watching the games, and getting ready for lunch. We talked for a little bit and arranged to see each other at the library at school. I waited there, with a classmate. She showed up, and we walked to my car. I drove her close to her home, but not all the way home. I felt, for lack of a better word, ambivalent towards her. I didn't feel that spark that I felt when I first met her. Having her always talk about other guys really turns me off. I'm not sure if she does it to brag, or to make me jealous. Either way, it doesn't make me feel all that great. Suffice to say, I liked seeing her again, but I'm not going to go nuts if I don't see her again. Ambivalent is the word. I was going to take a picture of her, for posterity, and maybe to post it here. But, I was so disinterested that I didn't even try to turn the camera on.

I thought of calling her today (Tuesday), to see if she would met up with me again. I didn't. I think I might on Sunday, for a Monday meeting. I don't know.

Then there's the girl in class that I actually do like. She gave me an opening to possibly ask her out. I'll feel things out tomorrow. More on this later. Then there's the other girl in class, the blonde, that I know nothing about, except that she's damn hot. She's a totally hot girl. I guess I'm just keeping my options open. Yeah, so open that I'll end up not asking either of them out. Typical me. Poor, poor, typical me. I'm still trying to get a picture of both of them so I can post them and you all can put faces to all these people I talk about.

Michelle has a new guitar, and is suddenly writing songs. And you know, they aren't bad. For me that's a big complement, because I'm not always a fan of her style of singing. She tried out for Star Search the other day, singing her own song. She got a call back.

I hate answering the phone nowadays. Time after time, I used to answer the phone only to be assaulted by some telemarketer. The worse are those from my credit card companies. I so don't want to deal with their, insurance this, and special offer that. It's always some mumbling fool that calls me too. To combat this, I've either screen my calls, or say that I'm not at home when they ask for me.

Also, there are other times when I get a phone call right before I'm about to eat. It fucking makes me want to throw the phone across the room. I've said this before, but it never fails that just when I'm about to take a bite the phone will ring. I swear, I might throw the phone away the next time it happens.

A friend of mine went on this site called Save Karyn dot-com. If you haven't heard of it, the site is basically a girl asking for money because she was in terrible debt. Something like $20,000 in debt. Well, my friend is also in debt, and has not gotten the idea that she should start up the same kind of site, and get some money to pay her bills. I'm not sure that she will get the kind of money this girl with the site did, I can't get a single penny for my efforts. But, I do plan on helping her design her site.

My printer is on the fritz. It won't print sometimes. I have to do a whole bunch of moves just to get things printed. I thought about getting one of those all in one printer, scanner, copier, deals. But, then I went to the store last week and found that I didn't like any of the models out there. I heard some good things about the Lexmark, but then I went online and found that a bunch of people had posted that it wasn't all that great. Then there's a Hewlett Packard that seems pretty good, but is huge. The way it is right now, I can make my printer work, as long as I jump up and down, throw my nerf football and hit my handle on the closet door, and slam the printer on the ground. OK, not all that, but nearly that much. I might still get it, but I think that I'll wait a little while to absorb the cost of my new, spectacular, flat screen monitor. Man, what a kick ass monitor it has turned out to be.

Enough, I'm off to get something to eat, because I'm starving to death, and then I'm off to sleep. I do hate that I'm getting hungry at night, just before I'm about to go to sleep. I think that I'll just drink a little water instead. Good idea.

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