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Thanksgiving, what's that? -- 2002-11-26
I'm not really into this whole Thanksgiving thing. My family never got into it either. I remember one year when I was about seven we went out on Thanksgiving looking for a place to eat. Everything, and I mean everything, was closed. We stumbled upon a fish and chips joint and ate there. The owner had just moved to the country, so he thought that there would be truckloads of customers on Thanksgiving day. Wrong. We were his only customers that day. But, I still count that as the best Thanksgiving we ever had.

I did something stupid the other day. I looked up Kat's name on a search engine. Nothing. Not even a little mention, anywhere at all. It's like she disapeared off the face of the earth. Then again, I wrote some of my friend's name on a search engine and found nothing either. OH well.

I had a great pizza today. The taste is still in my mouth. Living here in L.A. affords me some great food. I've written about some of the places I often eat at on The Grill at the Fitzgerald page. But, for so many years I've yet to find a good pizza here in town. Growing up we used to go to Pizza Hut, which wasn't great, but it was passable. But, about two years ago I went to the local Pizza Hut and found the taste just too insipid to deal with anymore. I vowed never to eat there again. Today I was driving from the market when my Grandmother asked me if I wanted to get some pizza, instead of going home and cooking something. I was perfectly willing to just cook something up for myself, but then the idea of pizza got stuck in my head. I haven't had a pizza in about two years now, and I was missing it. I turned to go down to Pizza Hut because my Grandma ate there the other night, and she said that the pizza was pretty good. Well, I figured that I would give it one more chance. I'm always doing that. But, about a month ago I saw that a new pizza place opened on Van Nuys and Ventura. It was a pizza place last year, but I guess nobody liked it because it closed in less than half a year. When I drove the other day I saw that a sign that said, "Best Pizza in the Nation." That's a bold statement. I decided to try it out. Well, it is a damn good pizza. The best in the nation? I would have to taste every pizza place in the nation to know that. But, it is a damn good pizza. Maybe I'll get a pizza for Thanksgiving. Man, that would be great.

OK, so my friend Helene (formally known here as A-Mouse) and I have been talking about this and that. I've been telling her about this girl that I want to ask out from class. Actually, there are two girls I want to ask out in my class. One brunette and one blonde. I think I'm going to take my chances asking the blonde first, even though I want to ask the brunette more. Why? Because if I get shot down by one the blonde first I won't feel so bad because I want the brunette more. Of course, if neither of them say yes it would suck. Fuck! That sucks big time.

I have to ask one of them out, at least. Why? I hate to say it, but I've felt terribly lonely lately. I usually don't. However, in the last few months I've felt more and more lonely. I woke up one night and wrote this in my notebook. The one thing we all share is our loneliness. We're all alone in a roomful of people. That's how I felt that night. I still feel that way right now.

And then there's Talia, who has lost his novelty. I thought of giving her a call this weekend, but then thought better of it. I liked seeing her in school last week, but by the end of our little visit I realized that I didn't feel what I once felt for her. I liked her goofy nature, but not now. It grew old fast. Still, I think that I could get something off her. Only, I don't really want to. I know that she's just teasing me for her own amusement.

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