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Perfectly sad -- 2002-12-12
I'm coming down with something. My throat feels like sandpaper. It's been getting worse every day since Tuesday. Great, just as I'm out of school for the Winter I get sick. Dammit! I haven't been sick in over a year.

I'm perfectly sad right now, for many reasons. Here are the reasons:

First, I wanted to keep in touch with some of the people who I met this semester. There was Nora, who sat next to me in my morning classs. She was nice, and I had a good time talking to her. I started talking to her from the first day. She had a class with a teacher I had for a couple of classes. The professor is a kindly old man, but a little on the befuddled side. We had a good time trading stories about him.

Then there was Ashley, who was the girl I wanted to ask out. I took a picture of her, but I'm not sure if I want to post it. When I found out that she had a boyfriend I still found myself with the need to talk to her. She's cute, but also fun to talk to.

Then there was also Shannon, who I hardly talked to, but who was cute to look at. Very nice.

In my afternoon class I'm going to miss talking and having a good time with Brandi, Richard, and Laura. Brandi was the girl I started talking to from day one. Richard was the guy who sat next to us. He's a funny guy because she slept though nearly every class this semester. Laura was fun. I actually met her earlier this year in the caffeteria though another friend, Pat. They were taking the same class, I think. She's a fun gal, and it's sad that I didn't get to exchange emails with her. She didn't show up for the final. If I see her on campus I'll make it a point to exchange emails.

Funny how I miss these people. I think I'm the only one that feels this way when a semester ends. Perfectly sad. I don't see anyone else wanting to hang out after class because they don't want the moment to end. I do that. I stayed after both my finals to just shoot the breeze with everyone. Hardly anyone stays for more than a few minutes. Then, their off and I never see them again. Strange how I get so attached to these people. I miss them a lot right now.

Secondly, the other day I was in class and I noticed that was the only guy in a group of four. I noticed that of the guys in the class I was the only one sitting next to more than one girl. It happens in nearly every class, I tend to sit with the girls. It sorta just happens that way, I suppose. I think I just relate to women better than I do guys. I mean, I like sports, and I can talk to other guys with some knowledge about nearly any sport I follow... but, I also like talking about fashion with women. In my afternoon class I was sitting down talking to a couple of the girls in the class about how girls at school don't dress up. It's pretty much grab what you got out of the closet and put it on, cause your going to be late to school. It was great talking about that.

I hate that I miss everyone. No one else seems to miss anyone. Maybe I just get too attached to everyone. Maybe I just get attached to the situation. Whatever it is, I'm going to be a little sad, for a while, about the semester ending. It's what happens all the time.

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