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Tired of this shit -- 2002-12-21
I started writing another entry, but that wasn't that interesting. I was trying to ask why I only wrote a journal entry when I was miserable. I don't want to make it sound like I'm some miserable guy. I'm not. Sure, I'm single, without any hope in sight. Every girl I ask out lately has had a boyfriend. Now, I know that not all of them have a guy. However, the standard responce for when a girl doesn't want to be mean in turning me down is to say that they have a boyfriend. That's cool, at least they aren't out to hurt my feelings. Still, it sucks that I'm striking out every time I go up to the plate.

Friday I went shopping for a new phone for my aunt. Sure enough, I went and checked out the printers. Like an idiot I bought one. Why an idiot? Because, my old printer apparently isn't totally fucked up, like I thought it was. I've been having problems printing things. Not that I print a lot of stuff, but there are things that I need to print every now and again. Well, for the last few months the printer has been on the doing some stupid stuff... like not printing. I figured that it was the printer, but it's not. I bought a new printer, new cable and still nothing. Hell, now it won't even print at all. I'm tired, completely tired of this shit. I don't care anymore. I'm done, over and done with these machines. Why is it that every time I install something it totally takes over my computer and changes it in ways I can't even see sometimes? I install a few program and next thing you know all of my setting have changed. Things that don't even have anything to do with the program. I mean, does a printer need access to the net? Why does every program nowadays have to have tracking software that installs without your knowledge? Fuck all this shit. I can't take a piss without these companies knowing it. For once I would like to install something and not have my computer turned into a mess. Now, the new printer is going back, the cable is going back, and I'm not going to print anything ever again.

Everything is a mess here. Look at my closet for goodness sake.

I don't even wear half the clothes that are hanging here. But, I'm talking about the mess. This is actually the cleaned up part of my closet. You don't want to see the rest. I'm sure it will make you start to think of me as a total slob.

What I think I'll get are some new socks. The ones I have right now are loose, and bunch themselves up in my shoe. When that happens I just want to throw my socks in the trash. Damn socks.

I so want to punch some thing right now but, I'm going to get something to eat instead.

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