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After Christmas -- 2002-12-29
Well, I went and did it, I got a Gamecube. I nearly bought a PS2. As a matter of fact, I've thought about getting a PS2 all year. Something always kept me from buying it however. I got the Gamecube because I saw that the new Zelda game is coming out. I love the old Zelda games, especially the one for the SNES. I still play that one once in a while. Because I bought it on Amazon it's still not here. That sucks, but it's OK, it will soon be in my grubby little hands.

The two books I bought myself for Christmas arrived on Saturday. I didn't know which one to read first, Lolita or The Big Sleep, so flipped a coin. Lolita won.

The only fear I have now is that sometimes, a lot of the time actually, events in my life seem to follow the events in the book I might be reading at the time. It's strange, weird and sometimes frightening.

I really hate the phone. Someone keeps calling only to not leave a message on the machine. I know this because when I get home there are a bunch of messages. Only, when I check the messages all I get on the majority of them is a dial tone. That happens when someone hangs up after listening to the outgoing message. Sometimes I'm here, but I don't want to pick up the phone... for various reasons. Sometimes I'm busy working on something that I can't put down. Sometimes I'm taking a leak. Whatever it is, I can't get to the phone right away sometimes. I think it's better that way since so many calls are telemarketers. Buy this, or your credit card has a wonderful offer for you. Yeah, right, sure. Most of the time the offer ends up costing me money, instead of saving it.

It's late, like 12:30 a.m. and I'm eating Ritz crackers topped with cream cheese. I don't want to eat too many. There's a funny thing I do with Ritz crackers. I always take four at a time and eat them. I never just take one, or more than four at a time. It's like I have this thing with Ritz. If someone takes out two crackers I have to take two out in order to balance something. I'm not sure what I'm balancing, but whatever it is I'm keeping it balanced.

OK, now it's the next morning and I'm watching the Miami/New England game. I just noticed that I didn't put this entry up on the site. Not sure why I didn't do that last night. I was sleepy, and hungry. Not a good combination.

One last thing. I'm not sure why this is happening, but I've been waking up in the middle of the night. It started a few days ago when a friend of mine called me up at 3 a.m.. From that night on I've been waking up in the middle of the night. One night it was 4 a.m., another night it was 2 a.m., and last night I woke up around 6 a.m.. Problem is, when I wake up I can usually fall asleep right away. I've never had any problems sleeping. However, this last week I've been waking up and then I can't go back to sleep. It affects my whole day when I'm tired.

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