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Late night snack -- 2003-01-05
You know what I hate? The fact that I get hungry practically in the middle of the night. Granted, I should be asleep right now, but I'm too hungry to think of sleep. I grabbed a couple of cookies, but that isn't going to cut it. Damn! I would just go out and get myself a cheeseburger, or something, but I don't want to wake anyone up. Then again, the smell of cooking food would wake everyone up too. Hence the cookies, which were gone in a few seconds.

Did I mention that I've been trying to grow a beard? Yes, it's true, nearly hairless Eric here is trying to grow a beard. I've never really been able to, but this effort is going better than any other. Then again, I've hit a point where my beard won't grow much more. I don't get it. Also, I'm starting to get itchy beard face. I think the days of my beard are numbered. Maybe it's better that way.

The new Gamecube I got is great. I rented Crazy Taxi the other day, a favorite of mine. It's wild. I almost drove around in real life like I was driving in the game. A sure way to get a ticket. I couldn't help it, it was just so much fun maneuvering around those streets at break neck speed without having to stop. Too much fun. The game has to go back Tuesday though. Thankfully I still have my Madden 2003 to keep me company. So far I'm riding high on a 4-0 start to my season. Ha, if only my real life teams were as good.

Like the Lakers, who suck it major this year. They haven't been able to get on a roll, and I'm thinking that this is not a championship year. Bastard!

OK, my plan to not nag Michelle went well. Last time I saw her we had a good time, and I didn't sound like I was trying to be her father. No caring really takes the trouble out of everything. Try it some time.

OK, not thinking about food has helped me actually write this entry, while not feeling the hunger pains so much. Also, I drank a huge glass of water in order to fill my stomach with something.

I think it's time I just go to sleep. See you all around.

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