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Loud -- 2003-01-26
Things have been pretty boring around here. That's why I haven't written a thing in my journal in a long time.

I hate loud noises. I mean I really HATE loud noises. To the point that I now cringe every time I hear a loud noise. The sound I most hate right now is the sound of crashing pots and pans. There are those who cringe when someone runs nails across a blackboard, but I don't. Pots and pans crashing is my nails across a blackboard.

Noises interupt me. They do all the time. Every time I'm talking to someone, a loud noise screeches across the air. It's so frustrating to be interupted by these loud noises.

I have this friend that doesn't always listen. I hate having to repeat myself when she is not paying me attention. On the phone this usually happens. I'll be talking to her, and then she'll talk to someone next to her, or to her dog, or cat. Meanwhile, she never does that when she's saying something. It's only when I'm saying something, rendering my comments no more than background noise. Frustrating. Funny thing is, I love playing music way loud. If there's a song that I like, it can't be loud enough.

I love all the new reality shows... or so I did until this past week. That show High School Reunion has lost a lot of its appeal. Not that it was all that great of a show to begin with. The Bachlorette, I thought, was going to be good. But, for some reason I don't really like this version of the show. Star Search was pretty good, but they have the most untalented people on that show week after week. There is this funny lady that slays me every time she comes out and does a set. American Idol is super. All those horrible singers slay me. I can't believe how many people show up thinking that they are great singers, when they are clearly not.

The Superbowl is later today. After that, no football for a long time. Thankfully I have Madden 2003 to get my football fix. I played a game today and ended a perfect regular season with a 101-0 drubbling of the St. Louis Rams. They had 7 turnovers, which I turned into 4 touchdowns. Well, really I turned 3 and out they had into a score. Now it's off to the playoffs. Before I turned off the Gamecube I checked who I was going to play in the second round of the playoffs. Eagles. More on this later, when I win the Superbowl.

My stomach is still giving me a horrible time from time to time. Food just isn't my friend. Alright, it's late and I need to get some sleep.

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