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Decisions, decisions -- 2003-03-31
I haven't written here in such a long time. That's because there hasn't been anything going on in my life. OK, there have been some things going on, but I've neglected writing about those things in this journal.

I have a $120 burning a hole in my pocket. I want to get so many things. I need a new watch. My old one fell on the ground and it broke. It still kinda works, but the screen is all messed up. I can only see part of the time. I think having a watch work for 20 years isn't bad, especially a digital one. I'm thinking of getting another one. I've picked it out, but I also want to pay a few bills with that $120.

But, that's not fun. I also want to get a couple of game for my Gamecube. Namely the new Zelda game, and The Sims. But, if I buy them both I won't have enough for the watch. Decisions, decisions.

Today I almost went and bought The Sims on my way home. But, I was starving to death, so I figured that it would be a better idea to go home and eat. Besides, I thought that my Grandmother was home alone. Maybe I'll get it tomorrow, or Wednesday. No hurry to spend my money.

Two weeks ago I talked to this girl on the shuttle that was staring at me the week before. She's cute. I wanted to talk to her from the second I saw her staring at me, but I felt a little intimidated. The next time I saw her I made it a point to talk to her, to get to know her. Maybe even to ask her out. Also to get a feel as to whether she might be interested in going out with me.

Well, that was two weeks ago. Ever since then I've missed her. Last week I wasn't able to go to school one day. The next day I went, when I usually see her, I got there late. Then, today I went early just so I could see her again. Nothing. She wasn't there. Shit! At this point I'll never get to see her again. Hopefully next time.

On an entirely cryptic subject, I think I have to the realization that I can't fight every battle. I can't right all the wrongs that cross in front of me. There simply isn't enough one person can do. Fighting windmills is for someone who is either crazy, or a romantic, or both. I think you have to be both. I'm not crazy. Not yet, at least. A romantic, yes, but not crazy. But, maybe I'll go nuts, like Don Quixote, and go off and fight windmills.

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