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Messed up week (Dammit!) -- 2003-04-24
This has not been a good week so far. Monday was a messed up day, from the minute I got up in the morning. I woke up early. So early that I felt that I could go back to sleep. Sure enough, I fell asleep again, and then woke up late. I went to take a shower, and the bathroom smelled of bleach. I took my shower, but my eyes burned throughout the rest of the day.

I went to class, took my test, and failed it. How do I know? I found out yesterday. I failed it so bad that the teacher even came up to me to ask what happened. I could only tell her that I blanked out. Which is what happened. It's happened in that class before, but not during the test. This time it was on a test. Dammit!

I fell behind and got to school later that usual on Monday. Of course, this counts because I'm still hoping to run into that girl from the bus stop. Of course, not that I haven't seen her in about a month and a half I'm starting to think I won't bump into her again. Dammit!

Tuesday I sit down to watch the Laker game. They lose bigtime, and I start to wonder what they hell is going on with this week.

Wednesday, I give my Aunt a ride to see the doctor for an appointment she has. I don't eat until nearly 5 p.m., which throws my stomach schedule off. I drop her off at the doctors and take myself to Tommy's for chiliburger. It tastes great. To kill a little time I head to a Circuit City up the street. I look at a few things, and find everything I was thinking of getting costs way too much. Which might be a good thing since I shouldn't really buy all that stuff anyway. I drive back to the doctor's office only to find that my Aunt still hasn't gone in. She's still waiting out in the waiting room. During the next hour we see a couple of other patients go in and out of the doctor's exam room. My Aunt asks the secretary what the deal is, and she says that they didn't have her signed in. They didn't know she was there, even though she got there a half hour early for her appointment. Now it's nearly 7 p.m. and I go home to take care of my duck. I drive back to the doctor's and find my aunt downstairs in the lobby. The secretary says that the doctor can't see her today. All because that dumb secretary forgot to pull her file when my Aunt got there. She re-scheduled her appointment.

So, I drove to the doctor's office three times for nothing. And, my Aunt will have to wait until next month to see this new doctor. The good thing is that she did get approved for state help with her medical expenses. That's one good thing that's happened this week.

Oh, and because I was late to school I didn't get a chance to bump into another girl at school. This one I've known for a while, but I lost track of her over the last couple of years. She's nice, if not a little silly. I think I must be lonely because I'm willing to seek her out. I didn't seek her out before. But, like I said, I must be lonely.

The strange thing is that I flip-flop on wanting to find someone. I'm easily annoyed by people nowadays. When I'm not around people I don't miss them. When I'm with people, I do like that. It doesn't make sense, I know. I guess I just have these conflicted feelings about people. On the one hand, I don't like them. On the other hand, well, you know the rest.

Anyway, gotta go.

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