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Way of life of the famous Knight, Don Gomez del Valle -- 2003-05-25
In a certain village known as El Valle lived myself, Don Gomez. Because there are times when change is good, it's time to make a chance. Having written my thoughts for all these many years I feel that it is time to change the focus, and the direction of this journal. It has been now some time that I have neglected writing as much as I have in my thoughts here. Partially because I have delivered those thougts to another journal, one I felt more free to write in. Nevertheless, there are still enough thoughts to go in this journal.

But, as I have said, the focus has to change a little. This shall now be a journal of my thoughts again. Of my wishes, and of my dreams. Hopefully I will be able to tell of the many adventures of Don Gomez del Valle. For he is someone that I think is a wonderful person. Someone that comes quite rarely into people's lives. Of course, these sound like boastful words seeing as I am him, and he is me.

I'm dedicating the rest of my life to fighting the windmills that cross my path. The battles have often left me weary, but the journey is the goal, and so the weary feeling subsides, and I find myself waiting a new fight.

In the ethernal quest to better myself, I shall fight against my own shyness, and lack of inertia, from this day forward. But the one thing I shall not fight for is love. For someone has already taken my heart, and I have been unwilling to ask for it back. Dulcinea del Gato. She does not exist. But, she holds the key to my soul. I shall no seek another to replace her. There is no need, she is perfect. All other women pale in comparison.

In latter quests to find a replacement I have found that all that I have wanted to have my heart have no use for it. So, she remains my love, almost by default. I shall die one day with her name on my lips. No one, that I can see, shall replace her now. I will not have it any other way.

The quest now is to right all the wrongs I can. To find that one who believes as I do, and fight on. Somewhere in this world there is someone who shall join me on this journey.

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