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Fleeting Hope, and Fleeting Friendship -- 2003-08-08
I drove by Dulcinea del Gato's house the other day. There was a large "For Sale" sign in front of it. No doubt Dulcinea's family will soon be moving out, seller's market or not. And so I will no longer hope to find Dulcinea possibly outside her family's house. No longer will I harbor a hope that perchance there might be a brief encounter between us. Those days are now over. The last hope will now fade, and that little sliver of my soul that held out for nothing more than a moment with Dulcinea will now wither and die. I will now drive by Dulcinea's former abode now and think of where she might be. I haven't known that in a very long time.

Alas, this hope I have held on to should fade away into nothing now. It is about time, and only reasonable. Because holding out for this brief encounter will not do me well when the encounter does happen, and there are no sparks. Tis best to no longer hold out that hope. Because holding out will only lead me to atrophy. I need to move, move away from this safty of this fanciful harbor. Time to set sail.

I have made it official, from this moment on my friendship with Michelle Cayada is over. The details are insignificant in the landscape of my life. All I will say is that there was no effort on her part to reach out to gap the distance between us. And so I made no such effort as well. When two people agree without words to do something mutual there comes an agreement. In our silence we have agreed, we don't need to talk to each other ever again. Perhaps the official end was nothing but a formality because there was no sense of loss after the confirmation in my mind. The loss had already occured, and was now in the past. It was but a formality to call this friendship dead today.

And now, another piece of correspondence with Mararet Farquhar.

Dear Margaret,

I love getting cool things in the mail (snail mail). Like free samples and stuff like that. Now I don't get that many free samples, but when I do it's so neat. What ever happened to free samples? I loved the little free samples companies used to send in the mail. Even something as silly as a packet of coffee. I don't even like coffee, but just the fact that it's a free sample makes it cool.

I ordered something from Amazon last week. It's being shipped via UPS, and they gave me a tracking number for it. I love reading the different scans that tell me where it is. Here's where it's been, and where it's going.

Aug 4 - 11:06 pm - Sparks, NV - Departure Scan

Aug 5 - 2:46 am - Sacramento - Departure Scan

Aug 5 - 10:28 pm - Sylmar - Departure Scan

Aug 5 - 10:47 pm - Van Nuys - Arrival Scan

Aug 6 - 6:47 am - Van Nuys - Out for Delivery

Aug 6 - 7:08 pm - Van Nuys - Delivered

As I was writing this the UPS guy showed up at the front door. Too cool. I love boxes with shinny colors.

OK, it's a couple of days later. Why? Because this computer has been acting horrible. It's crashing here and there, for no apparent reason. It just goes with the rest of the week. Here are a few lowlights.

Monday, I drive downtown to the Natural History Museum to see this butterfly exhibit. When I get there it cost me $2 to get into this outdoor tent with a few butterflies. They were beautiful, but there really weren't enough of them. Ten minutes later I'm out. When I drove up to the museum I see that there is a sign for a Titanic exhibit at the Science Center, right next to the Natural History Museum. I know the Science center is free, so I think of how cool it would be to see some Titanic artifacts. When I get to the exhibit hall I find out that there is a seperate charge for the Titanic thing. I go downstairs to buy myself a ticket, and find that the price is over $9. No thanks. I go the Natural History Museum instead. I love that place. When I get in there are about 20 people in line for tickets. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the front of the line. The rest of the day is cool.

Tuesday, I drive to Ikea to buy this lamp shade for my aunt. Which wasn't there the last time I went. Sure enough, they're still sold out. I end up buying this frame, that I planned on putting some of my recent photographs in. While putting the pictures the pictures move around and I have to take the whole thing appart. I tack down the pictures, but when I reassemble the thing one picture is bent. I take the thing apart again, and fix it. As I'm putting it back together I press too hard and break the glass. Now I have to get a new glass. Which will probably end up costing me more than a new frame. Damn!

Then, my new printer arrives, but it doesn't come with a USB cable. It's late, so I decide to wait until Thursday to buy the cable. I get it, install the machine, and promtly have the computer crash on me. Repeatedly. Over and over again, the computer crashes for no apparent reason.

I think it might be time for a new computer. I just thought of something, all these little things going wrong, and the week isn't done yet. Ah man! OK, it's Friday morning, and I'm going to get my day started. The computer is working, for now, and I have a bunch of things to do. Let us hope that there isn't an exorbitant amount of crashing today.

From Me

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