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Loss -- 2003-10-01
You will no longer find my homepage at From now on you will only find my site at I lost my old domain because of my stupidity. Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

I saw this older couple in the market today. Both of them were fraile, and looked to be just barely getting along. Yet, as I looked at the both of them I saw how incredibly lucky they both are. They have each other. There was this affection between them that just blinded me. It wasn't so much in what they said to each other, I couldn't hear either of them at all. Their voices were so light, a little breaze as the door opened took them away. But, their moments were so affectionate towards each other. I felt so out of place watching them. I looked, and realized that I wouldn't be in their situation.

There was a gentleness in their eyes, and a look rose to love when they both looked at each other. I started to get a little teary eyed, and so I looked away. I couldn't take looking at them, I felt as if I was intruding somehow. I know it's strange to feel that while in a public place. But, these two people were sharing something so intimate in something as simple as a check-out aisle. I found that I couldn't even look in their direction, so I looked away.

Michelle Cayada. After our conversation that I hoped would bridge the gap between us, I feel that it is now time to give up on building that bridge. There are some fights that you can't win. And putting more of an effort into those causes may sometimes be heroic, but at other times is just foolish. This one is foolish. There isn't an affection for my former friend now. So, it's best that I just not deal with her yo-yo mentality towards that so-called friendship. The easiest way to loss my friendship is to do what she has done. Good-bye. Have a good life Michelle Cayada. I know I will.

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