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The Better to not get Hurt -- 2003-11-08
Perhaps it's better to not get too attached to people and things in this life. All things are fleeting, and in that they have their moments in which they will be, and then will be no more. Me being so sentimental, I feel that I must not get too attached to people, or things. The job of protecting one's heart is a full time occupation, but a necessary one. Getting too attached is quite simple for me, and quite detrimental in the longrun. No one I know ever gets too attached to things the way I do. They seem to be able to leave people behind in a snap. I've never been able to do that. I do see the advantages of such a thing though. It's not always a good thing to get too attached to people. People are bound to disappoint you.

Dear Margaret,

It's been too long since I last wrote. Too long. Not for lack of things to talk about. But rather lack of time, and want, to sit here and type the goings on. I do want to hit some bullet points.

1 - This whole thing with Talia has soured, at least for me. I like her, but I know realize that it's only going to be as a friend.

2 - My Grandma has suffered from dizzy spells this week. It worried me to the point that it made me sick.

3 - I'll probably fail one of my classes this semester. Which means I'll have to repeat it. Dammit!

4 - I had a crush on a girl I shouldn't have had a crush on. I now have a crush on a girl I spoke to once. Makes no sense.

Those are the bullet points. Wish I had time to give details. Later.

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