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This semester's Poetry -- 2003-12-04
Dear Margaret,
I wanted to let you read some of the poems I wrote this semester. Here are my three favorite ones. Enjoy.


Dark misunderstanding forest
of Ignorance.
Purple bruises of thought
gone for not.
Your gray matter is not quick
down the road.
The road often taken
by those who don't "Get it."
Crimson falls wash over the rocks
of Complex Fractions.
Ah, forget it!
Fire engine red madness flows down
the canal of gray.
With tales of great Pythagoras
in his infinite cruelty,
creating this place where so many
are lost.
The distant right angle hills,
A square plus B square steps taken
On the Road.
There will be no joy in Dunceville tonight,
Mighty Casey will strike out.


Aquarium windows frame the quartet
Dining at a lonely kitchenette
A man hovers over his coffee alone
Dark motionless figure made of stone
A couple sit and blankly stare
Neither of them seem to care
And the street outside is dead
The couple say nothing that should be said
The waiter waits for his dime
Then hits the street covered with grime
And a hamburger sizzles while it grills
At the Nighthawks diner known as Phil's

Fleeting Beauty

Beauty walks by, my eyes can't help but see;
That moment in time, my heart is at ease.
Contemplate the sight, what it does to me;
I'd write reams about thee, you as my tease.
Your beauty incarnate as you breeze by;
I am trampled by that which is call love.
Right at this moment you have caught my eye;
Believe me, this I know what I speak of.
It happens to me, two, three times a day;
Women abound for all of them I fall.
While others act as if it's so blasť;
A wish it would be, to be with them all.
Beauty walks by, away from me she goes;
With this I end this lascivious prose.

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