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Little things going Wrong -- 2004-01-07
The Winter break is over now. The paleness of the clouds holds cold winds, and I'm freezing in the mornings. The Winter break went by too quickly. And now I have to wake up early. There were so many things I wanted to start/finish up during the break. It's so very frustrating to have this idea in your head and not have the time to even start it. There never seems to be enough time in the day to get anything important done, just enough time to do the necessary things. At least the class is interesting.

There is this one problem with this year. It would seem that all the little things seem to be going wrong. It's strange. Nothing major, but just little things were seemingly very difficult to deal with. Things didn't want to fall into place. Or, the place where they were falling was all wrong.

Case in point. I've been getting up early in order to get one of the choice parking spots by the campus. That way I don't have to park my car at the parking lot off-campus. It saves me about half an hour, and the displeasure of having to wait for the shuttle. Today I had it in spades. I arrived on campus early, yet didn't find a parking spot. I drove to the off-campus lot, and quickly ate my breakfast. As I was finishing I saw the shuttle drive away. I thought to myself that it wasn't such a big deal, since there was another shuttle not to far behind. I sat in my car in order to stay out of the cold. I couldn't see the shuttle coming unless I looked over this huge SUV. The shuttle came faster than I thought it would, and I wound up seeing it drive away, as I ran to get it. No problem, I thought, I'm early enough that the next shuttle would still get me to class on time. Well, after waiting for a half an hour, there wasn't a shuttle in sight. The crowd of students grew until there must have been more than 250 people waiting at the stop. I'm not one to push, or to get on a crowed bus, so I missed that bus. The next one came a few minutes later, but by that time I was already late for class. Course, because I didn't shove someone to the ground, like others were doing to me, I didn't get on this other bus either. I was about 25 minutes late for class. I HATE being late.

That little compartment that holds the change in my car broke about a year ago. I fixed it with this bungie cord. Not a very good one, just something I got out of my Grandmother's sewing kit. The kind that's normally used to make people's waistbands elastic. I went to get some change yesterday, and the whole thing broke, and crashed all shorts of change onto the floor of my car. I kicked it, and now I don't have a place to put my change.

The thing with Talia is definitely not working out. She has jumped ahead in her way of thinking. She talks of marriage, and love, when really we've only been out a few times. I hadn't been able to see her for nearly a month. And there was a time in which we didn't talk for nearly three months. How does one go from that, to talking marriage? Besides, I have a deep aversion towards marriage. My friend says that it's because I haven't found the right girl. I think she's correct. If it doesn't feel right, then it isn't right. Yet, Talia speaks of these things as if she heard me say that it was an option. She knows my attitude about marriage. She simply does what women always do, they pretend they didn't hear it, and continue to press the subject. In hopes that they can change the guy's mind. Not very likely. The last time I was with her the point was made perfectly clear in my mind. She's friend material, not girlfriend material.

I ran into this girl at school on Monday and Tuesday. Something about her interests me. I didn't see her today, but I thought of waiting around for a few moments by the classroom that I saw her walk out of. Then, I thought better of it. Better to run into her, like before, than to sit around waiting. A watched pot never boils, so to speak.

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