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Detours and Stoplights -- 2004-02-04
Tuesday AND Wednesday I went to two different Restoration Hardware stores looking for a portable radio. It's meant to replace the busted radio I have right now. The poor thing has a volume knob that doesn't work anymore. The sound goes in and out. It's frustrating because it always seems to go out at the worst moment. I saw the new radio online, sold only at Restoration Hardware stores. I even saw it there, and nearly bought it last year around X-mas. But, I thought I would wait. So, now here I am driving all around town to find a radio that every store I go into just ran out of. Finally I figured it would be much cheeper to just go online and buy it online. So, that's what I did, and hopefully it will be here soon. I should have simply bought it online last week, instead of wasting all these days driving around looking for it.

Wednesday was a day that filled my eyes with the crimson glow of break lights. A horrible thing for me, because it seemed like I couldn't pick up any speed on the freeway. Everytime I started to move faster the stupid guy in front of me was hitting the breaks. Seemed that every slow truck, Sunday driver, and little old woman with her eyes just barely peeking over the dashboard was driving in front of me today. Thankfully the ride home wasn't like that. Actually, wait, it was for a little while. This tall truck was driving like a turtle. Once I got past it, and the train of cars following it, I had nothing but open road. Love that open road. It is a rare occurrence these days, so dropping my foot down to the floorboard is very tempting when there isn't break lights glowing in my eyes.

So I started this project for my site last week. I think it's a cool idea, but the execution is turning out to be rather difficult. Mainly because it sometimes entails going up to a perfect stranger and asking them if I can take their portrait. I thought it would be easy, but I'm not the kind of person who likes to be bothered. Hence me not liking to bother others. Better get over that not wanting to bother people, because this project will never get off the ground if I don't. It will need more work before I'm able to have it online though. More on this later.

You ever wait for the perfect moment, but it never happens? Story of my life, which should be the title of my autobiography. If I ever write it. However, I've thought about this lately. I tend to let things pass me by simply because I'm waiting for that perfect moment, and it never happens. I'm thinking that perfect moments are overrated. It sure would seem that way. Because, waiting around for a moment that may, but more likely may not, happen is silly. It's a waste of time, and effort. Because while waiting I tend to indulge in speculating what that perfect moment might be like. And I get all wrapped in the imagined perfect moment, rather than simply making the moment perfect by my actions. Yeah, that's the trick isn't it? To make a moment perfect by not simply standing around hoping that it will happen. The reason why perfect moments happen must have something to do with taking a chance. Sure, taking a chance might mean falling flat on your face. But, I'm thinking that it's worth it. Not falling on my face, and imagining that perfect moment, has left me without a single perfect moment to speak of. Must install a mantra into my head in order to remember to lunge into a moment head first.

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