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Crowded equals Claustrophobic -- 2004-02-20
First week of the new semester and I'm already tired. Mostly because I'm in the middle of getting sick with a cold. My throat is sore, and I'm feeling achy. Yeah, that's a cold. I'm fighting it as best I can right now. But, soon enough I'll be sneezing, I'm sure.

Other than that the first week of the new semester was fine. The usual feeling out process. Having to take classes on the satallite campus is fine, but making the trip to the main campus stinks. Thursday I went to the main campus because I have a class there. The crowds of people everywhere started to make me dizzy, and nauseous. I think I've already stated it, but I'll repeat it... I hate crowds. Bad things happen in crowds. It's my phobia, OK? So sue me for not liking large crowds of people.

Crowds make me feel uncomfortable. Like I'm being crushed by the hordes of people. Also, I have issues about my personal space. I don't like people invading my personal space, that's all. Well, certain people can enter my personal space, but others make me feel very, very uncomfortable if they get TOO close.

I think my aversion to crowds is why I like to find the quietest spot on campus and stay there. Currently that is three places. I'll tell you the second quietest spot on campus, this grassy area that I found close to a major walkway. It's close enough to the walkway to see the people walk by, but not so close as to have the crowds to walk too closeby. The third quietest is a patio area that is kind of closed off from the hustle and bustle of the campus.

All those places pale in comparison to the best place to get away from it all, the back seat of my car. There I have my ultimate sanctuary from the crowds of people. Why? Because I have everything I could want there. A nice padded seat to sit in. Plenty of room to lie down, if I want to. My Tivoli radio to hear the tunes, or listen to sports talk radio. And my computer. I even bought this power supply thing that I can use to power all these things without draining my car battery. Cleaver, right? In short, I have everything I need in the back seat. The most important thing I have there is quiet. A nice quiet spot where I can relax, sit down, and get away from the noise.

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