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200 and Counting -- 2004-02-24
This journal entry makes the is my 200th entry on Diaryland. I don't have much to write about because I'm sick. I spent this past weekend indoors. So, sorry in advance that my 200th anniversary entry isn't going to be the most thrilling ever. Here's what's been going on.

Crazy story to tell you from Sunday night. A friend came over to watch the Simpsons. After the show we went to get something to eat at the local McDonalds up the street. There we ran into some crazy woman who asked us for a ride. I sure didn't want to give her a ride, but I wasn't driving. Long story short, we ended up giving her a ride to her home a few miles away. Not far, but not close. During the drive I was afraid that she was going to pull out a gun, or something. I sat in the backseat thinking that if anything happened I could hit her from behind. She was one of those creepy people that think they know everything, and repeat the same thing over and over again. She kept talking about her work in the middle east on an airline, and how her car got totalled. Mostly what stuck me was how she kept trying to talk a couple of different languages. None of which I knew, but found out later she was making no sense at all. Figures. It's typical of these crazy people that know everyone in the world, are connected to people in high places, but are sitting alone in a McDonalds at 11 p.m. on a Sunday night. Typical. Obviously she didn't kill us. But, both our minds were racing thinking that she was going to pull a knife, or a gun, on us. Not cool.

I, for one, like that Nader is running for President again. He won't win, but my hope for his campaign is he's exposure of the major problems in this country, and get Bush out of office. This is not to say that it's all the republican's fault. Both the democrats and republicans are equally culpable for the problems in this country. However, Bush is the one at the helm right now. His actions, I feel, have steered us into dangerous waters.

This past weekend my stomach pains were nearly constant. I felt like the inside of my esophagus was on fire. Couple this with my super sore throat and you had a very unhappy me. Today I have absolutely no voice. I try to clear my throat, but there's just no clearing it. Thankfully my nose isn't running a marathon anymore. However, I still feel awful. Between classes I went to my car and slept. I couldn't take the achy feeling. I still can't. So, I'm off to lie down.

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