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Anti-social -- 2004-03-19
I fell a strong aversion to the phone when it rings. I walk away from it, turn the ringer down, leave the house, all to avoid the sound of that silly bell ringing. I suppose you can say I'm feeling anti-social. I did return one phone call today, but everyone else received silence. No call back, no nothing. Just silence. I simply don't want to deal with certain people. Should I say, all people? Yeah, nearly everyone is on my "Don't talk to me right now" list. I'm not even sure why I even bother with the phone. Nothing good comes from it these days.

I'm looking to upgrade my digital camera. Right now I have a Canon Powershot S100. A good camera that has served me well since I bought it nearly three years ago. I've taken more pictures with this camera in three years than with any other camera. It's just easy to take pictures with a digital camera. I still love my film camera, but digital lets me not only see the picture right away, but fix it in photoshop. Granted, I can fix a picture even if it's from traditional film. But, it's the immediacy of digital that I like. As I was saying, I'm looking to upgrade from my 2.1 megapixel to 5, or above. Problem? Cost. The new Canon Powershot S500 is a great little camera. Small, barely larger than a deck of cards. 5 megapixels, which means better picture quality. Expensive, $500+ with tax. Damn. We shall see if the price goes down a bit between now and the time it comes out.

I've wanted to update this journal more often, but sadly my life is quite boring lately. Just doing the grind, and not really doing much outside of the monotonous. Going to class, coming home, sleeping. That's pretty much it.

I should tell you that the anti-social bit continues even when I go to class. Morning class is around 9 a.m. But, I get there early in order to eat some breakfast. What I do is I get take-out breakfast, and drive to the campus parking lot. I sit in the back seat eating my breakfast while everyone walks by me. They see me eat. I'm sure they wonder why I'm eating in the back seat of my car. After morning class I get something else to eat, and then also eat it in the back seat of my car. Since I have more time between classes I can usually do some stuff on the computer. So, my routine is filled with time spent in the back seat of my car, listening to the radio. Which I like actually. It's not a big back seat, but big enough for me. I think it reminds me of the old days when I would get a kitchen appliance box and make it a playhouse. Yeah, good times.

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