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Phone Messages -- 2004-04-12
I got my phone back from Uniden. Well, not the original one, but a refurbished one. It's this little phone that I'm able to carry around while I do stuff in the house. I think my aversion to the phone as of late has stemmed from the fact that the phone was in the repair shop. I don't like talking on the old cordless phone. It's too inconvenient. I can't talk and do things at the same time. It's like I can't walk and chew gum at the same time, and I hate that. With the old cordless I had to sit still while talking to someone. It was quite frustrating because I couldn't walk around.

I was glad to have the opportunity to talk to Freesia Dulce twice this past week. First she called me concering a previous journal entry, where I stated that I dread talking on the phone. I admit, I still dread it on certain occasions. I don't dread when Freesia Dulce calls.

Speaking of calls, I went out to get some lunch today. When I came back I found This Message(click to listen) on the answering machine.

Sorry for that humming sound, that's straight off the machine. It makes everyone's message sound like they called me from a tunnel. I've listened to the message over and over again, and it's more cryptic every time I hear it.

Here's what I hear, "Echo and the men... Killing the mood... Call me back." Is that what you all hear? What does that mean? And I'm not talking about the calling me back part. That I understand perfectly. So don't help me figure out that part of the message. I want to know what the first part of it means. Any ideas?

I get some strange messages on my machine from time to time. Messages clearly not meant for me. I wonder if these are just wrong numbers, or someone is going around giving out fake numbers. Interesting.

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