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Tiny Coke can memories -- 2004-04-25
Math is a total waste of time, and a drag. It's dragging me down too. At least I got a laugh in class the other day, at the expense of the teacher. See, it was the teacher's birthday this week. Someone in the class, a kiss-ass, brought him cupcakes, and orange juice. They also asked everyone in the class to sign a card. Me being a smart-mouthed kinda guy signed the card, Square root of a million equals (teacher's name) age. He mentioned it the next day in class. I thought it was funny.

Have you seen these tiny Coca-Cola cans? I went to Target the other day and saw some of these tiny cans (pictured left). Growing up I remember these size cans for all the brands, but then they stopped making them. Don't know why, except that everyone was probably looking to make bigger containers, not smaller ones. I guess the smaller sizes are back. I'm glad. Sometimes I want a little bit of soda, not a whole can. Or even a huge bottle. This tiny size will satisfy me when I'm in a mood for a sip. Like today. After lunch I was thirsty, and I drank a whole huge cup of ice tea. But, it didn't seem to be enough. I busted out my little can of Coke. That really hit the spot. Ahhh!

Speaking of Coca Cola, there was this great line that I heard on the radio the other day. Jim Rome was interviewing heavyweight contender Vitali Klitschko, who is from the Ukraine. He came to this country to box. When he returned home he took some things from the USA back to his family. Specifically he took his brother a bottle of Coke, which was not available in the Soviet Union in 1989, when this story takes place. So, having a Coke was a big thing, because they only had Pepsi (yuck!) in the Soviet block. Vitali said in the interview that his brother opened the bottle and smelled it and turned to him and said, "It smells like America." Talk about embodying the whole of a country. And in something as simple as a bottle of Coke. But it wasn't just a bottle of Coke, it was all that it represented in Vitali's brother's mind: America... freedom... refreshment. Nice.

I truly love my new camera. I know I keep saying it, but it hasn't failed to amaze me. The pictures are so much better than my old camera. Not only that, all the little features that I thought I would never use have become so important. The little sounds it makes when the shutter goes off, or when it comes on, thrills me. OH, and the fact that I can record little snipets of video is so cool. Love it. But, like I said before, the thing I love the most is the picture quality. I'm getting ready to post some of the pictures on Vista Drive during the next few website updates.

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