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Reluctant Entry -- 2004-05-14
There was something I was going to write about, but obviously I have little inclination. Because, I find that every time I start to write about it I simply stop mid sentence.

The entry was basically about a couple of old high school friends calling me after a million years. Then I was going to write about how I hung out with a couple of freinds from high school. That was supposed to be followed by a couple of sentences about how the smoke at the bar made me feel really sick. So much so that I felt horrible Saturday night, all of Sunday, and nearly the whole of Monday. Even today, Wednesday, I still have a congested chest. It's like I had a cough these last few days. Still, I had a lot of fun with the fellas.

At the bar there were a gaggle of cute girls, but none of them were receptive to any advances, so we stayed away. I didn't make any passes, since a smokey bar isn't really my element.

So I had some doubts about this Face Project getting off the ground. I've been asking people to pose, and I've been summarily turned down. I told a friend about my want to just give up on it, and they insisted that I should just keep trying. I will, but it sure isn't great to be rejected when you know that something will make for a good picture.

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