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Lost Causes -- 2004-06-12
I took my math final earlier this week. What a tremendous pain, for more than one reason. Math is a pain in and of itself. I didn't need practically everyone in the class to have runny noses. But, that's exactly what it felt like. The guy sitting next to me kept breathing in and out, all the time the snot in his nose slupped in and out. The test was hard enough without having to deal with the slupping of snot. The final might be all for not anyways, I'm not doing well in that class. Well, that should be past tense, since the class is over. Didn't do well, that's more like it. I stuck it out to the end because what else am I supposed to do?

I had to get a new cell phone last week. My old one went and died. First, I sat on it, and bent the antenna. Days later the antenna broke completely. I stuck it on with some duct tape and hoped for the best while I could find the time to get a new one. As you can see, the new one is tiny, and has no antenna. That's a relief.

You remember the 80's show Knight Rider? For some reason I thought of it and I Googled it. Found a site that I saw a couple of years ago, and saw that the show is being aired on the SciFi channel. I went on Jump the Shark dot-com and found some real funny comments about the show. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Jump the Shark.

The show turned amazingly silly when KITT lost his molecular bonded shell; got the pointless supercar mode (gee, like going 180 mph wasn't fast enough before).

Michael wore a leather jacket everyday in LA?? Michael caught bad guys without a gun?? Don't make me laugh.

The Evil Twin Episodes, where it really wasn't a twin but who Michael (Long) Knight's plastic surgery was modeled after. His name was Garth, and he had quotes like "Michael Knight must die!!!" And of course he created Goliath, the indestructible Truck with missiles that was completely invulnerable... except for that one point under the axle that KITT found after a spectro-analysis or something like that... C'mon.

Anyone notice that KITT could have done everything by himself. If anything, Michael was a hindrance. "KITT, I need your help old buddy!" One time I wish that KITT had said, "F-you, you got into that mess you get out of it." All KITT had to do was get the bad guys running, come up behind them, and open his doors. The bad guys never saw that one coming. Oh and Devon. Devon es muy macho. Devon gets thrown in jail and escapes on his own. Michael gets thrown in jail, and needs KITT to bail his butt out again. And how could I forget the 4th season episode where the rebels in a unnamed Latin American country follow the advice of KITT and overthrow a fascist dictatorship led by guy who wore a big hat to cover his bald head. Christ they're taking political and military advice from a car. Who are these morons?

What I want to know is why are there so many big trucks driving around America pulling empty trailers? When Kitt turbo boosts through the trailer blocking his way why was it always empty? Why wasn't it carry something very hard and very heavy, like bricks? Now that would be a good series finale.

So true, all of them. The one about Michael Knight wearing a leather jacket in L.A. is right on the button. But, it's the last one that had me in stitches. What I found funny is what I call the "Every button" button. The buttons in the car were small buttons with different things written on them, denoting their funtion. But, there was always this huge button that was the every button. "Fire missles!" The every button is pushed. Good thing it was so clearly labeled with 50 point font. The button was like the size of a half dollar, and had no other buttons within five feet of it. Now that's an "Every button" if you ask me. Every episode it was labeled differently. One week it could be "Fire," the next week it was "Turbo Boost!"

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