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Lazy weekend -- 2004-06-12
Chalk this up as a lazy weekend. Completely lazy. To the point that I didn't get anything done. Nothing of any importance. This journal entry is an attempt to try to get something, any little thing, done this weekend. So here goes.

I really hate it when I'm doing something and I'm interrupted by something, like the telephone ringing. Most of the time the person on the telephone is some telemarketer, or someone I don't have the time to talk to. Case in point, last night I was going to watch the movie "Trainspotting" when the phone rang. Perfect, just pefect. So, after talking on the phone for an hour, I was finally able to watch the movie. Not when I wanted to watch it, but when I finally had a quiet moment to myself.

Another example is this. Every morning I tell myself that I'm going to work on this writing assignment for myself. I'm trying to finish this project, but it doesn't matter. The second I want to start it comes the interuption. In the mornings it's usually the call for breakfast. After breakfast the last thing I want do to is write. I'm too full of food. But, once the food goes down, and I start to type some more, my Grandmother is calling me again... this time for lunch. She gets hungry way sooner than I do. I have ended up eating lunch at times I'm not that hungry. I eat a little bit just to keep me going.

But finally last Wednesday I was able to write something more than a few lines before another interruption. It felt so good to finally get something on the paper, well, computer. It was the most I've written in months. Just getting the time to get something written was freeing too. It meant that I was able to get one step closer to finishing this story. Something I haven't been able to say since last year, around this time. A year and no stories finished is just too long a time period. Not to say that there should be some sort of deadline I should set for myself on any given story. But, if I was writing every day, I would have more than just one story finished in the last year. That's for sure. Like I said, it's just these constant interruptions.

Like right now, I just got a nice hunger pain in my stomach. I'll have to do something about it, or just ignore it. Either way, now I'm not thinking of just this entry. And as I write this I'm getting more hungry, and I'm starting to think of where I could go for a late night snack. I think that if I don't start to make some sort of late night snack for myself here at home in the next few minutes that I'm going to have to run out to this all night burger joint down on Sepulveda.

That idea is looking better by the minute. Bye.

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