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Approve, disapprove -- 2004-07-18
About sometime last week it started to get super hot, and humid, around here. And this nice mild summer we were having disapeared. It was only about two weeks ago, but I miss it so much right now. It's humid, so even when it gets cool it's still not feeling all that great. The A/C is helping a lot. However, going outside still feels horrible.

Sarah Mclachlan was in concert at the Staples center this week. I so wanted to go, but two reasons kept me from going. One was the fact that I couldn't get a good seat. The prices weren't so bad, but the seats were in nose bleed sections. Also, there was this thing that said there aren't cameras allowed. Come on, here is one of the only times I'll have to see Sarah on stage, and I can't take a picture of it? Shit, what's the use? So, I thought it over, and over, and finally just thought to skip it. Which hurts because I've never seen Sarah Mclachlan in concert. And who knows if I'll get a chance again. Dammit!

I found out last week that a former professor of mine passed away a couple of years ago, Bernard Johnson. I found out from a classmate of mine that was in Mr. Johnson's class too. Mr. Johnson was a jovial man. A big guy, but the kind of big guy that you know couldn't hurt a fly. Now I wonder what could have caused his death. He wasn't old. He was a little heavy, but not that much. I'm going to try to ask around to see what happened.

A couple of weeks ago my Aunt, who loves horoscopes, comes up to me and tells me mine for that particular day. She says that my horoscope says that I need to get out some more. To wit, my Grandma, who was sitting there listening says, "Yes, you do. Your cooped up in this house far too much." I'm a homebody, what can I say. Actually, I would go out more often, it's just that it's not that easy for me. I need to know someone who would want to go out to places other than a smelly, loud, bar. Bars are not my scene. I don't like the noise, or the crowds of people. Oh, and have a crowd of people isn't bad enough, add the fact that they're all drunk and I want to be anywhere but there. So there's that. But then there is also the fact that my Grandma said, for the first time in a long time, "You should be seeing some girls, having fun, dating." I don't think I've ever heard her say those specific words to me. In the past it's always been, "Look out, don't get involved with slimy girls." "Slimy" being her word for girls that aren't to her liking. I know the type, because the thing is, I don't like those kinds of girls either. I know, a better word would be unkempt. That's what she means, but I couldn't find the right translation for the word she uses.

Unkempt is just one of the words she uses to describe who I should be avoiding. And believe me, I don't like that type myself. I don't need my Grandma to tell me to avoid those kinds of girls. Then my Aunt chimed in and basically agreed with my Grandma. Up till now I've been pretty private about who I go out with. They don't know about Talia, I've never tried to tell them. I think that I should. I think this just gives me permission to finally just openly tell them that I'm going out on a date. Because in the past I would just say, "I'm going out." But it was never anything specific. I'm not sure how this not telling state came to be. Now is as good a time as any to chance that.

Now that I think about it, I think I know why I never said anything. Approval. Any girl I would go out with would have to come under the approving, or disapproving, eye of my family. They be quite judgemental, you know. Especially my Grandma, who has yet to meet a girl I know and approve of her. LOL We'll see if she approves the ones I plan on asking out. ;)

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