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Missing it already, Again -- 2004-08-14
So it's late into Friday the 13th and I'm sitting here in my room a bit sad at the end of another school semester. It really is silly to get so sentimental over such things as classes, the strangers that I see there, and the classmates I interact with. Yeah, it might be silly, nevertheless I become a wash with gloom. I become way too attached with people, and situations. A simply little rut is my paradise. I dwell in it, basking in the repetition of every day events. A chance is sure to disrupt this feeling of belonging. Since change is inevitable, that disruption is also inevitable.

I always hope to keep in touch with the new friends I make in various classes. It hasn't always happened, but when it does it's a good thing. I know I'm going to make an extra effort to stay in touch with the friends I made in this class. They are different than the friends I made in other classes. I had this instant rapport, which isn't easy to find.

Now that I passed this class, I'm transferring to the University. It certainly won't be easy. My cousin was going to that school, but she just graduated this past June. My friend, Suiza Angelica, currently goes there, but my first semester will be her last.

Yet, since I won't be transferring until the Spring, I signed up for another class at the school I'm currently attending. I haven't decided if I'm going to actually take this class. I'm signed up, but I haven't paid for it yet. And I might not. Something tells me I'll show up for the class, feel it out, and if I don't like it, I'll drop it. Again, I'm too sentimental to simply leave the school and wait for the transfer. I'm going to be silly and stay there longer just because it's familiar.

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