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Shopping Spree -- 2004-08-15
Saturday I went on a shopping spree, all started because I needed some new underwear. I'm not one to go to the mall unless I HAVE no other choice. I shouldn't be so hard on the mall though. It's just the mass of stupid people that walk aimlessly. Too many times I have to be Emmitt Smith to dodge the mall wanderers. I love watching football, but I don't want to play it when I go shopping.

Following my underwear purchase, which I got a discount on, I went to get me some cologne. Egoiste is my favorite cologne, because it has a light scent. I hate it when people wear the stongest scent known to mankind. Not happy with simply having a strong scent, they often pour a bottle of the stuff over their heads. YUCK!

Égoïste isn't an easy scent to find. They have this new version of Egoiste called Egoiste Platinum, which smells nothing like the original scent. It's stronger, and more musky. I don't like it AT ALL. Here is Chanel's description of Egoiste's scent: "Type: Woody, oriental. Opens with strong, fresh Mandarin and Lavender, then evolves toward the warmth of Turkish Rose, spiked with Coriander. Sensual Bourbon Vanilla underlies the lingering Sandalwood note." That pretty much covers the scent.

On my want back to the car I stopped off at another store, and bough an umbrella. I know, it's the middle of summer and I'm buying an unbrella. It's a way cool umbrella from Brookstone. With the click of a button it opens. Click the button again, and it closes. How cool is that? When the rain comes, I'll be ready.

Last purchase of the day was an iPod. I have joined the iPoders. I can't stand having to fiddle around while I'm driving for music. I just want it to play, and that's that. I can't be looking for music while I'm making a right turn. Now I just have to wait for it to show up in the mail. It can't come fast enough.

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