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That's the Tooth -- 2004-09-05
I'm recovering from some dental work I had last week. Among other things, a wisdom tooth extraction, and root canal. I'm not in a great deal of pain, but for the first few days I found it incredibly hard to move my jaw. Eating was a major chore. It's not so much of a chore now, but my jaw still hurts. Time to do some healing now.

I'm thinking that the reason why I don't update this journal is because I tend to hold back a lot of my thoughts, and focus mostly on stuff that's happening in my life. Like the above paragraph. I think it's time to try letting go a little bit more here.

Back to the tooth pain issue. It's been over a week and I'm still suffering pain. What gives with this crap? Shouldn't I be feeling so good by now that I wouldn't need to take any pills? This morning I woke up with a little more than a soreness in the back of my jaw. I let the pain grow throughout the day because I didn't want to take another pain pill. The ones I'm taking clearly say not to take them for more than 10 days. Bingo, today it's like 10 days since I started taking them. Although, I might have stopped after the second day, and then started again a few days after taking that first one. Either way, it's not cool to keep taking these pills.

Saturday my a friend called me out of the blue to ask if I was doing anything. Check, my schedule is completely open. Course, I have no life. We call the third member of our trio and head off to Hollywood to take some pictures. Thankfully my stupid jaw wasn't hurting like a bastard. We went up and down Hollywood blvd., because my friend's idea for a project was to take some pictures of homeless, and runaways. I thought it was a great idea, but the reality wasn't that great. Hollywood between Highland and Vine has almost no homeless, and almost no runaways. There were a couple, but nothing worth photographing. Also, since it was nighttime I was forced to use the flash if I wanted any of the pictures to come out. So, the homeless/runaway idea was scrapped, by me, and I just went around taking pictures of things I found interesting. There are some really nice neon signs on Hollywood. I put the pictures up on the site. Go check them out. You can't miss them, they're under a page entitled "Scenes from Hollywood."

Of course when I'm in the midst of this tooth thing I see a commercial for food I can't eat every minute. Jack in the Box has this patty melt thing going on right now. That bastard! He knows I love patty melts! What with me not being able to chew anything for days I was drooling to get my hand on one of those things. Today, I'm not drooling as much, but I still want to try it out. Looks good.

Something I haven't been able to mention is that I'm loving my new iPod. I'm slowly migrating my CD collection to the iPod, but I'm nowhere near filling up this thing. I got the 20 gig one, and it's barely up to around 3 gigs used. I so need to buy more CDs. Or at least download some tunes to fill this thing up with. I get this way with things like this. I want to quickly use these new things I get, like cameras, iPods, etc.. Why not fulfill the maximum potential of these things? That's what I say. Hence me taking, on average, about 300 pictures on my digital camera, per week. Mind you, I don't get that many great pictures. And, I usually delete about half of them right off the bat, if they come out blurry. Why bother with that?

I saw something in the Onion a couple of weeks ago, and I'm closing this entry with it. It seems that the A-team has been exonerated after all these years?

OK, I feel pretty damn good about this entry. I still feel that I'm holding back. Yet, I like that I was able to write it without having to force myself to come up with something. Good. I hate forced entries.

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