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Three years later -- 2004-09-11
It's been three years now, and those moments of the morning of September 11th still bring me to tears. Tears of shock, and anger. I try to suppress them sometimes. But I can't always do so. When I'm alone I don't hold back the tears, or the anger. And in those moments alone I wish that I could squeeze the life out of Bin Ladin, and all those responsible for 9/11.

That feeling stems from feeling so utterly hopeless that day. Hopeless to help. Hopeless to change things. Completely hopeless. I know that I will feel that hopeless some day in the future. Life has a way of making us feel hopeless. However, in the depths of hopelessness there must also be faith that things will get better. The light at the end of the tunnel mentality. That if you hold on, you can reach a better place.

So from destruction and death there will be life. Because the terrorist have already lost. The fact that they were, and are, so desperate, as to kill themselves and others for their lost cause, shows that they have already lost. In their lives it isn't what is important in this life, but in some fairytale life in a heaven that doesn't exist. One of their own creation that comforts them in their useless lives. In that desperation they choose to inflict pain on others, rather than attempt to better the world, and themselves.

September 11 is a day that still pains me. But rather than succumb to the desperation that the terrorist have yielded to, I intend to go through my life doing good. The hatred displayed on that day must be overcome with acts of kindness, not acts of horror.

The terrorist wish us to be frightened of our shadows. I'm not. I don't fear another attack. Nor do I fear their twisted beliefs. I stand here today resolute that from this tragic moment in our history we will emerge into the light better, and stronger.

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