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Utility belt for My 33rd -- 2004-09-17
The big 33 is here. Crap! Not that it's so bad to be another year older. I guess you could say that I'm another year wiser. Yeah, say that please.

I'm getting close to having that utility belt I wrote about a few months ago. See, I have a bunch of things I carry around on a typical day. Digital camera, cell phone, wallet, and now an iPod. Granted, the wallet is something I would carry anyways, but the rest are things that have become permanent fixtures in my pockets. Hence me wanting a utility belt.

Like I said, I'm getting closer to that utility belt. A few weeks ago I bought some neoprene and went about making cases, if you will, to hold all these things (pictured right). The first was for my iPod, but that was a miserable failure. My Grandma wanted to help me, so I went about measuring what I thought would be a big enough piece for the iPod. I was quite wrong. I measured it too tight, and when my Grandma finished sewing it, it was about half the size it needed to be. I took that one apart while cutting another, bigger, piece. This second one, I though, would be for the camera. I cut it extra big, and gave it to my Grandma to sew. While she did that one, I took the little piece and tried to adapt it to something else. The cell phone is pretty small, and since I was re-sewing that piece to make it a little bigger, I found that the piece would just fit the phone. I went about sewing that piece, while my Grandma sewed the piece for the digital camera. While putting the finishing touching on the digital camera one, I went about cutting another piece for the iPod. This time I thought to make it a little different. Sure enough, the new design worked. Now I have a case for each of these things I carry around every day. Finally.

Well, happy birthday to me.

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