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Zombie day -- 2004-09-20
I've been in a haze all day today. It started a little past 2 p.m. today when I felt the pain in my head grow. Soon my head was pounding from a full fledged headache. One that didn't want to go away by itself. I hesitated to take anything for it because I was hungry. I needed to get some damn food in my belly. This week-end I had a hankering for some enchilladas. Did I get any enchilladas this week-end? The answer is no. So, today my stomach wanted some enchilladas.

This took precedent over the growing pain in my head. It was still a low hum of a pain, but I knew it would get worse if I didn't eat. So I thought. I went to Taco Bell and ordered something called an encherito, if that's how it's spelled. It hit the spot. Yet, my headache was still growing. Now I had food in my belly, and any pill I took wasn't going to take affect. So I waited around for a little while. The pain in my head getting worse. Finally I took the pill. It took it's usual time to take affect on the pain. I was feeling good, except now new feeling was over me. Tired eyes.

Right now I'm sitting here writing this while my eyes are closed. I'm pretty sure that I'll make some sort of spelling mistake. Or maybe not. Either way, I feel like a zombie. It's not like I dind't get some sleep last night. I got plenty, so I think. Yet, I'm sitting here super out of it, because. I wanna get some sleep, but there's so much to do still.

My father called last night, while I was out celebrating my birthday with a friend. We went to a steakhouse, had a great steak. Best steak I've had in years. Great onion rings too. Damn, those would hit the spot right now.

I don't know if the burning sensation in my stomach, that I've been feeling all weekend nearly non-stop, is from hunger, or from something else. Probably a combination of both. I can feel it moving up my throat. It's right below where my neck starts right now. This little ball of something searing. Not the greatest feeling. And nothing I want to accompany this zombie-like state I'm in right now.

OK, just burped, and it kinda helped. Only for a fraction of a second though. The searing feeling is coming back, only less so. Wish I knew how to make myself burp. I need a drink, and I need to get some sleep.

But before that I did want to say that this week-end's birthday "celebrations" were quite cool. Went out with a friend on Saturday, and then with another friend on Sunday. Dinner both times. It was just great to hang out. OK, this stomach thing is getting worse. Time to take something for it, and get some sleep.

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